Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


To: The Florida Tribune

From Writer: Frank Paul Gambino


A letter sent to the department of Justice and the Avon Park Police Department as well as a host of distinguished members of society both profit and no profit, surfaced on the Internet.


The letter was from me to my sister, I referred to as Rev. Ella, in this note.


What we request is done:

#1: Do the paper trail of the transfer of the said $7,000+.

#2: Determine the legitimacy of said transfer and the Committee being they have no gravesite records.

#3: Audit the committee’s financial if the money is not returned in full to me under my organization the NCNCHINC.  We are the carriers of the torch of Eston E.L. Roberts.


To: Rev. Ella

From: Rev. Paul

Hyperlink to Cemetery Information:


RE: RICO, Extortion, Fraud & Grand Larceny 

Read this page on the website carefully and name the cemetery after Uncle Billy. 

The Eston E.L. Roberts Cemetery:

The original ledger will be used to make a copy to make public record as a donation from the Jones Family to the County for public record.  And they will be returned to the Jones Family as it is an inheritance.  Ella Williams and Shawanda Adams will assist in this record keeping task for the security for authenticity.

The County will pay for a maintenance fee to maintain the cemetery.  Dale Williams and John Adams will receive a small fee from this money to keep the area clean.  And we will offer services, such as putting flowers on gravesites for people out of town and special cleanings every six months and so forth.  This will make it a fair wage job.

This is contingent to an investigation on the matter of a transfer of a sum of money, between David Hicks and Eston Roberts for $7,000.  Understand that Eston Roberts had General and Durable power attorney over me affairs until the day that he died.  I did not concur to this transfer of money and did not authorize it.

Furthermore I understand as you said that Uncle Billy bought those lawnmowers with his own money.  Well one of them was moved off of my property without my authorization verbal or in writing.

I plan see to law enforcement about this matter after I get all of the facts.  I strongly believe this was an act of extortion by David Hicks, Willie Joe Sigler, and probably planned by Ms. Grey and others.  This is RICO.  This is Federal.  We have friends there. 

She is a public figure being the Deputy Mayor of the City of Avon Park, Florida.  She is black and is known for taking positions against black people.  Rob Hilton was an example of her non community concerned political career and her agenda that is not for the non profit sector, but we are.

I want a criminal investigation on the Federal level performed on this one.  However we will first cooperate with the County to remedy the problem.


Rev. Paul



The Almost Completed Capstone Zulu Family Web Sites

The Almost Completed Capstone Zulu Family Web Sites

 World Affairs

The hyperlinks below will redirect you to our official sites, where you can hear our music and have a thought provoking extravaganza. 


Capstone Zulu Official Website


NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti Official Web Site


Signed Capstone Zulu

NCNCHINC First Fundraiser


If you would like to help us help others press hyperlink here:


I call on the many celebrities and ordinary philanthropists to help make our dream come alive.  We are in the process of attempting to get an equity line of credit to renovate our Headquarters Location here in Avon Park, Florida. 


I am very busy trying to develop NCNCHINC into a class (A) non profit order.  We have big plan in assisting in the development of Highlands County, FL where Avon Park is located.


Our first fundraiser is to build the Blue Temple Studios.  It will be a state of the art DAW meaning Digital Audio Workstation.  The acoustics in the building is good and we plan to put an isolation booth within it confines.


You are probably asking, why a recording studio?  How is this going to help the community?  The bottom line is a black owned recording studio is in demand down here.  We have a lot of untapped talent on the streets and in the churches and the profits from this enterprise will go to the order of the NCNCHINC.


Also, at our headquarters will build a social club, because my uncle Worshipful Master Roberts drilled into my mind the need for one and it is my duty to carry on his torch.  Even as I am not a Freemason I was choosing to finish out his work of community work.


We plan to use the second floor of our headquarters to hold conference meetings among other things. 


As we do not have 501 c 3 statuses yet, do financial constraints and the structure of our board of directors.  We ask that you do not get carried away in you charitable gifts, but please do give.





The Rev. Frank Paul Jones