Jones Family and Brenda Grey call for Unity

Jones Family and Brenda Grey call for Unity


After careful consideration of the facts, I realize I may have made a mistake in judgment, however not written in stone. After a clear understanding of the facts I feel that a Federal Investigation is unnecessary.  However the injustice is against the community at-large, the community is the victims.


We have to stand together on this one, the Jones Family and the Committee together unified as one team for the betterment of the community.  I feel the only way to begin to rectify the emotional injuries is to name the cemetery after its Adam the first generation Eston E.L. Roberts.


Now as a matter of fairness, my lawyer should request a special hearing and have these unreasonable charges dismissed.


You have my word; I will not pursue this matter any further unprovoked.   I am no bitch!  $7,000? 


Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


To: The Florida Tribune

From Writer: Frank Paul Gambino


A letter sent to the department of Justice and the Avon Park Police Department as well as a host of distinguished members of society both profit and no profit, surfaced on the Internet.


The letter was from me to my sister, I referred to as Rev. Ella, in this note.


What we request is done:

#1: Do the paper trail of the transfer of the said $7,000+.

#2: Determine the legitimacy of said transfer and the Committee being they have no gravesite records.

#3: Audit the committee’s financial if the money is not returned in full to me under my organization the NCNCHINC.  We are the carriers of the torch of Eston E.L. Roberts.


To: Rev. Ella

From: Rev. Paul

Hyperlink to Cemetery Information:


RE: RICO, Extortion, Fraud & Grand Larceny 

Read this page on the website carefully and name the cemetery after Uncle Billy. 

The Eston E.L. Roberts Cemetery:

The original ledger will be used to make a copy to make public record as a donation from the Jones Family to the County for public record.  And they will be returned to the Jones Family as it is an inheritance.  Ella Williams and Shawanda Adams will assist in this record keeping task for the security for authenticity.

The County will pay for a maintenance fee to maintain the cemetery.  Dale Williams and John Adams will receive a small fee from this money to keep the area clean.  And we will offer services, such as putting flowers on gravesites for people out of town and special cleanings every six months and so forth.  This will make it a fair wage job.

This is contingent to an investigation on the matter of a transfer of a sum of money, between David Hicks and Eston Roberts for $7,000.  Understand that Eston Roberts had General and Durable power attorney over me affairs until the day that he died.  I did not concur to this transfer of money and did not authorize it.

Furthermore I understand as you said that Uncle Billy bought those lawnmowers with his own money.  Well one of them was moved off of my property without my authorization verbal or in writing.

I plan see to law enforcement about this matter after I get all of the facts.  I strongly believe this was an act of extortion by David Hicks, Willie Joe Sigler, and probably planned by Ms. Grey and others.  This is RICO.  This is Federal.  We have friends there. 

She is a public figure being the Deputy Mayor of the City of Avon Park, Florida.  She is black and is known for taking positions against black people.  Rob Hilton was an example of her non community concerned political career and her agenda that is not for the non profit sector, but we are.

I want a criminal investigation on the Federal level performed on this one.  However we will first cooperate with the County to remedy the problem.


Rev. Paul


Gambino offers Gotti Assistance with the Stallone Movie

Gambino offers Gotti Assistance with the Stallone Movie


There is a screenplay that is coded sitting in the library of Congress, named “the Apostle” by Frank Paul Jones.  It contains government secrets about the life and times of John J. Gotti as only can be told by the real Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gambino.  People’s perception of John Gotti is that he was a powerful thug, whereby in reality he was tied into high level government covert operations.  And among that circle I am the only survivor who can tell the truth the whole truth and remain an untouchable.


John A. Gotti knew his father in a way I could never know him?  Perhaps!  But the truth about the mission carried out by me and my old friend is unparalleled to any Mafia story ever told.  The truth about John J. Gotti is science non fiction, covert operations and big corporate business.


We are talking about the AIDS virus, Hollywood and how they were developed.  The Gambino Family is the most powerful family on the face of the earth.  They or should I say we are not a crime family, but the true controllers of many big corporations such as Microsoft, the Hemsley Estate, Paramount Communications and the list goes on, to include Clear Channel Communications the mother of Live Nation the concert promoter.


It will all come together as the world’s economy will never recover until the rightful owners are place in their rightful positions.  The true mission of the Gambino Family was to fulfill the prophesy of the bible and it was by the design of the Grand Architect a child name Paul Castellano by Carlo Gambino himself.  For this reason he was reject by the masses but never denied by the Mob. John J. Gotti was the key to Paul Castellano; as Paul Castellano was under hypnosis since childhood and remains so.

The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


The Apostle on Digital Download


A Gambino Production

The Secret Order of the Illuminati & Prophesy

The Secret Order of the Illuminati & Prophesy




Here we see Nazi symbolism with the Oak leaves as well as an olive branch.

The CIA coat of arms also displays both the oak leaves and the olive branch.


I have been called a schemer for thinking outside the box.  Who is the Illuminati or more importantly what are they a secret society?   They are rulers whose time is up, they are Satan and Satan is a Union of evil people.  They created and destroyed nations since the beginning of civilization.


The Illuminati headquarters is located in Bavaria, between Austria and Germany the home of Hitler, yet it was never bombed during WWII because they have the US Government by the testicles.  They were behind the American Revolution and created this great government whose time served its purpose and now they want to destroy America with the Economic Crisis or WWIII. 


For example what makes a great prophet?  You have a person who tells you what is going to happen and why, now what separates a great prophet from an average orator, is it his ability to convince people to act upon his judgment?  Now I will tell you the biggest mystery in the simplest terms, but first I ask a question.  Was Notradomus a great predictor or did the Illuminati make his predictions happen?  Was he a schemer and with plots for European dominance?    Using the plot of predictions as a cover for his agenda?  “I had Dream.” 


The bottom line is this it is not the ability of a prophet to see the future but to design it.  It is the power of the people to carryout a master plan and first faith is needed.  I can reveal to you the deepest and most powerful secrets given me innate by God as was my insight of the Bavarian Illuminati.  But is it my job to be the word and not the hands.  I can introduce to you a system to protect our interest as in the UPS, but if you do not carryout the logistics it means nothing.   


The only way to overcome Satan is by a United Front because he has things under control. Of course you can sellout the Lord for more food stamps and social programs or you can die fighting.  People say I love the Lord and he died for them, but are they willing to die for the Lord.  If you are not willing to kill and die for the Lord you are not a warrior of God so do not front with the do good crap.  Easter is a fraud and so are Christians, Jews and Muslims, but not the people the religion itself!


Highlands County on the Map

Highlands County on the Map


The Cure to AIDS is a hot topic.  “FindCureCureAIDS” a song written by me and perform by NaQuila has received poor reviews and not because it is poor song, but due to miscommunications because people think I am against them. .  


People think I am teasing them because they are sick, but I happen to know there is a cure to this dreadful disease.  The only true solution to the health crisis is the cure to AIDS and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and the many forms of cancer.


President Obama made it one of his priorities in a letter that was a part of a natural agreement during the elections, that the cure to AIDS is an American and World priority.


We are about the get active with the Network & Coalition; we are hammering out some of the details that everyone’s concerns are addressed as are the policies carried by the non profit.


We understand there are grants to fulfill all our purposes and in the next phase we will become a documented by Federal Government Charitable Organization and will soon start a fund raising campaign targeting sponsors such as big corporate America, celebrities and the American government. 


However we believe in the barter system and will do some grass roots fundraising, but the focus is to not try to drain water from the Rock.

The John A. Gotti Setup

John A. GottiThe John A. Gotti Setup


When something seems unreal it probably is.  I have a funny feeling and I hope I am wrong.  But strange things happened in my life in the last few weeks and months and it made me feel a little worried. 


Since this trial I have felt watched, from the real life New York Undercover on the subway, to strange new people being introduced into my life, to unexplained occurrences that I feel it is not my liberty to disclose.  Personally I hope I am wrong about what came to my mind on the way from the grocery store.


I do not know who is who anymore; I will be going back to the hometown of my family soon.  Far away from New York City, the John A. Gotti dramas and the Janet D.J. Jackson dramas; I hope I am wrong because this here is a screenplay and a television episode.  It is so unreal I cannot take John’s trial seriously anymore; I do not even think they are after him, but perhaps I am the target, by default.


Like I said I saw John A. Gotti once in my life at 26 Federal Plaza, during his father’s era. I went there to see Bruce Moaw the lead investigator of his father’s trial, who asked me to testify.  I did not go there to be a witness, but to disclose a covert operation to coordinate what the Secret Service knew with the FBI, which was about the AIDS virus a government conspiracy.  But what I think is going on is shameful, designed to pit John A. Gotti against me.  But like I said his conviction means my price doubles.  Those who have ears let them hear what I see happening. 

An Explanation deserved an Apology not

imag01951An Explanation deserved an Apology not


They say I am bipolar and have mood swings, what do you think?  But they say a lot of things about me.  Will I ever surrender my life for a bunch of confused fool’s hell no, but I will die fighting.  Do I feel like normal people I doubt it?   I think I have been desensitized years ago.  Am I on an ego trip, probably yes and do not like people stepping on it.  Am I arrogant I have to be to put up with all the bullshit?  Therefore you cannot expect me to continue to suffer in silence.


You cannot tell me the devil is more important than God, because Satan ran things for the last few years.  His time is up.  A man tells you he is someone; you never met before but read about and heard about.  How are you going to tell him that person died for you because someone wrote a book that said so?  Then get an attitude when he says well if you want to kill me once I will kill you 6 billion times meaning end this damn world.


How are you going to get an attitude for having an attitude?  When you say someone died for you it is a threat against that man’s life and that man has a right to self defense.  What you wish on this man you may while is wishing upon yourself


Then there is forgivingness.  You put a man through living hell and he has to overcome your bullshit only to help you?  Now who is ego tripping and now who is arrogant?  Do you think you are worth the heartache and pain?  You think this shit is about Janet but it is all about you all.  I care as much as you do!



Fall of America & Ignition of New York City

Fall of America & Ignition of New York Citywtc_collapsed21


This is not a threat, a promised, or my wish but a matter of fact if we continue in this direction.  Sure as when I leave NYC it will be nuked, as sure as when I leave America it will go bankrupt and be pledged with diseases, and as I said as sure as we continue down this direction I will leave America.  Why stay somewhere I am unwanted and hated, by people who only want to control me?


If I could leave America I would go and if I could relocate out of New York City I would relocate.  In a country where Satan is more important than God, such a place is not worth preserving.  This is not a threat, promise or wish but a matter of factual or maybe a bad prediction.  Time will tell!  “A man who has nothing or no one has nothing to lose and a man pays rent because he has nothing.”  So what am I here for?  “You can kill me once, but I can kill you over 6 billion times.”



The Drug Dealer & the Dog

attackdog1The Drug Dealer & the Dog


Why do you think drug dealers have dogs?  They have them because they use them for protection.  The secret about a dog is he is expendable.  See a drug dealer uses his dog as a decoy you go after him and he sends his dog after you and while you fight off his dog he shoots you with his real weapons of war.


Why did I mention this, it is the same thing with a low life two faced person, you think Janet is dating say Jermaine Dupri, but all the time she is in bed with the government in the name of Satan.  So you go after her and you get preoccupied with JD the dog that is expendable.  While you are fighting the dog the Dealer being Satan shoots you down with all of his horses and all of his bitches.


You never get to her, because you have to fight off an attack dog which you do kill, but he is just an animal a fucking undomesticated pet.  You never see your real enemy because of the illusion called love.  Put it is not about love anymore it is about power.  Mankind knows not love; his motivational tools are power and fear.  He wants to control that which he has not authority over.


Then they arrest you as a crazy man as a stalker, with an obsession and uses the Gay Mob media to make the lie valid.  Childish Games!  They leave me no choice but to leave, they turned my own family against me for a dollar bill.


Ge 19:24 Then the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the LORD out of the heavens. 

Ge 19:25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land. 

Ge 19:26 But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

Ge 19:27 Early the next morning Abraham got up and returned to the place where he had stood before the LORD. 

Ge 19:28 He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace.

Ge 19:29 So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived.