Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy


We all know that working in the non profit sector is no get rich scheme. Often you work longer hours and earn less pay in the non profit sector.  Just like a for profit organization a non profit organization has to turn a buck to be economically feasible and sustainable.  The reward in the non profit sector is that often you can do something you enjoy doing that is fulfilling in your life.  It is a great opportunity to help people.


A lot of non profit organizations however are losing their 503 c 3 status, because they are not properly filling out their tax returns.  This is sad that it is happening at a time when more people than ever need the help of the non profit sector.


What is the real difference between the non profit organization and a for profit corporation?  The real difference between for profit and non profit is how the money earned from the corporations is paid out to the people. This is beyond the scope of this article.


Understanding that we live in a consumer driven economy and the black community is the underserved and underdogs of America.  An interdependent black community can be an essential part of the rebuilding of America’s economy.  We at the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) believe that a dead economy is economics not in motion.  People are not working because consumer spending is down, because people are not working.  It is a catch 22!  If we as a community put people back in motion, people will be able to spend more and it would put people back to work. What is work?  It is the inclusion into the labor force for compensation.


The only way the black community is going to rebound from the economic crisis, which is a depression among blacks is to recycle.  When I say recycle I am talking about moving money within the community and keeping it in the community as long as necessary to produce more revenue.  How can this be done?


We have to have a community business plan incentive.  Everyone cannot be a beer jug joint or drug dealer.  We need essential business institutions to sustain our economic stability.  We need a grocery store with food in it. We need our own laundry mate.  We need within the community a hair solon and barbershop that also sells hair supplies.  We need entrepreneurs to step up and sell vegetables on stands daily in some of our vacant lots and compensate the land owners for the use of his property; they too have to pay taxes.  We need black media to define our black people.  We need restaurants so we can stop handing our money to McDonald’s and the Illuminati.  We need affordable housing and daycare. I can go on but the article will never end.  The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones says we need us to take back our community and stop the oppression of our own people for crumbs. 


We need eat the meat, through non profit leadership!





Gambino calls on readers to support Capstone Zulu

Gambino calls on readers to support Capstone Zulu


Position of R&B Global Charts


Though this is a BETA Project all jokes aside it is a serious project. We are trying to get all of the bugs out of our distribution networking and promotions.  We are doing much better than anticipated; in fact we are starting to get in the running.  But our continued success cannot happen without your supports


We are on the tail of Boyz II Men behind by two spots on the Global R&B Charts and slightly ahead of Chris Brown and Tyga.  However we are dropping on the charts now because we a low on listeners, because need more people to listen on a regular basis or at least audition our music once in awhile.


Please go to this web site and give us a chance if you are viewing us on one of our sister sites, because it is about the mission:


If you are viewing us on Word Press please check out some of our widgets located on the side of the articles under the Blog rolls to the right. 


Remember you re the backbone to the movement, because without your participation there is not movement or cause.  Do not hate the message even if you cannot stand the messenger.


It’s about the Movement


Supporting the Movement listens to the music, reads the articles and buys at these Websites.  Your support can house the homeless, feed the hungry and help a fatherless child. 


Help us help others and change the music industry into something truly relevant.  If you are for the status quo we understand your inaction, but if you are for change this is a great opportunity!


Important that you note, this is no joke or prank!


Thank you for being selfless,


Capstone Zulu Supports;


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands INC:







Census fraud it Claims no Homelessness!

Census fraud it Claims no Homelessness!


This is a travesty of Reality


We must be counted.  One lady told me that 500 people live with her, lol, but she did claim 10.  She was a homeless activist who realized that the problem with the white man’s census is that they do not count the homeless if there is no shelter. 


Is the Census a fraud in the African American Community?  The answer is yes!  It seems that we have to use unethical means to justify ourselves in the budget of America.  Claim the ghost, claim the dog, claim the cat and claim the fish, for then we have claimed our homeless who have no shelter to go to.

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