Terrorism Gains Dignity Under Obama Administration

Obama Miltary

Terrorism Gains Dignity Under Obama Administration


By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban Commanders?  This is what is being sold to the American people.  This is why I admire President Barack Hussein Obama. He seems to be comfortable with putting the proper priorities first.  While the world is looking at the military history of someone whose military accomplishments at best will result in a honorable discharge and  PTSD 100% check for the rest of his life.  We all know he can never again be trusted.


Meanwhile, President Obama plays the “they hate me” card as an excuse and takes the heat for his lame excuse for releasing these terrorist by saying, “Nobody left behind.”  He plays the role, “Well everyone knows I am a stupid negro.” Meanwhile Intelligence and the obvious trade of major intelligence taking place and is being overlooked right before all of the world.


The only way President Obama can justify what just took place is a matter intelligence. People must understand we sent back to the Taliban is what they sent back to us, but 10 times worst and 5 times as many, in terms of brainwashing processes.  What was sent off was a creation of our intelligence agencies, to include reprogramming the psyche, hypnosis sessions with truth serum and every other means necessary to break them down, in order to reprogram them to support our agenda and causes worldwide.  Therefore their influence will most likely be pro American, unless they are forced to kill themselves in a suicide bombing of sorts. But as leaders and planners, we must have control of their rationalization and therefore their decisions.


Americans must understand that our greatest weapons in the war against terror is electronics and technology and theirs is human sacrifice.  The only way to infiltrate an enemy whose greatest weapon is the fact that his fighters honor death in sacrifice as an act of warfare, is to infiltrate the psyche of its leadership. If we can change the way they think, we can change the way they react or how they determine who are their enemies and thereby control them thru the CIA to support our international agenda.  Even if this means their destruction and our operatives reintegrated back to America upon the completion of their destruction.


This is not about a deserter because such a person does not deserve this much attention.  It is not about “leave no man behind.” I love President Obama, Clinton and Bush, but none of them really served in the military.  There is a deeper meaning to this than the politically accepted idea promoted by non warriors.  The other part of this phrase is “Death before Dishonor.”  This is the warriors creed on the frontline, to insure he is not left behind or a detriment to his fellow soldier. A true warrior will not intentionally be taken alive. Under these conditions, should no man be left behind.  This does not include men walking to the enemy intentionally or even unintentionally, he should have had his weapon at all times and tried to not be captured.


Therefore with a clear understanding of what is meant by “leave no man behind,” we are  talking about a fighting man’s creed and not about the political negotiations.  This are words used by fighting men who really are willing to die for our country. I did not say just join the Army, but join it and accept the creed of “death before dishonor.”  Someone like the 6991USA Names that died in Afghanistan, these are the names we should memorialize and not Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Let us keep it real and focus on the real issues. The new meaning of terrorism as defined the anti terror organization The FBI, is to come because of this!


Rev. Paul



Obama’s new battleground isn’t actually America’s fight


Pres. Obama

Obama’s new battleground isn’t actually America’s fight

In the aftermath of the October 2013 government shutdown, President Obama is still finger pointing, which is putting the republican party into a defensive mode. Most people will agree that what they (the republican party) did was bad for country, but sometimes it is very hard to forgive someone for their transgressions unless they first admit they wronged you in someway.   The problem is that a few republicans do not even think they did anything wrong, but the majority of the American people think differently and the majority rules.  But still America is a forgiving nation with (RAM) Random Access Memory.

Now the government is open and the debt ceiling is raised and what the American people were promised was real negotiations between the two parties, in order to arrive at a bipartisan solution to our fiscal problems.  So I do not understand the problem?  Why is President Obama and the republicans still talking about the past?  Why haven’t the negotiations already begun?  Do they plan on bickering and small talking until the last minute again to finger point and cast blame at the other side for the lack of progress?

I honestly feel that the republicans are so full of hatred towards President Obama that they are blind by their hatred. And because of this they will blindly play into President Obama’s hands and eat his bait. And instead of forcing President Obama to talk about the real issues and start the negotiations, they will resort to name calling against President Obama and his policies in the public forum.  They will be reactive instead of proactive.  And this will only result in another 11th hour showdown. Already Senator McCain is talking publicly about how bad President Obama foreign policy is. What happened to real face to face negotiations?

And I think President Obama’s real agenda now isn’t resolving our problems with the 113th Congress.  But his eyes is on the 114 Congress. His eyes is on gaining about 17 seats in the House in the 2014 elections and a few more in the Senate and this can happen.  Why?  Because the republicans are divided from within and are out of touch with the demands of the majority of the American people.

The problem however is that what may seem as a short term problem can become long term devastation to America’s economy and creditability.   It is a squeeze play being called by the Obama Administration. Because it could work if they do come to another 11th hour decision, but supposed they do not this time and we fail to pay our bills on time?  I think President Obama is playing with fire.  But his position is that he is a lame duck if this partisan politics doesn’t end anyway.  Whereby a last minute decision could mean a dissatisfied America, no decision can mean the fall of America.

House Membership  435 Members

5 Delegates

1 Resident Commissioner


Party Divisions

232 Republicans

200 Democrats

0 Independents

3 Vacancies

Senate Membership  100 Senators (Vice President votes in case of a tie)


Party Divisions

52 Democrats

46 Republicans

2 Independents

Frank Paul Jones

Barrack Hussein Obama II and the One World Government

Pres. Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama II and the One World Government

The White House is merely a stepping stone for President Obama.  He and the people behind them have a much bigger agenda.  And anyone who says anything to the contrary are either fools or liars.  For example Rush Limbaugh talks on his radio show and calls President Obama incompetent as a ground to attack him and get him out of office.  Either Rush Limbaugh is a fool or a liar and I think he is a lair, only trying to appease his audience to maintain his lifestyle.  Meaning he is a mere sellout, to those he gather in hatred.


Ted Cruz had his 15 minutes of fame, which will probably be extended another year or two, this charade he put on before the American people, promising his trailer trash constituency he could repeal Obamacare, actually added money to his coffer.  His performance paid him well and made him famous.  And considering the guy graduated from Harvard Law School, I do not believe he is a dummy.  But is playing on the ignorant people in America, who congregate in hatred. And now they talk about him running for President.  But he was born in Calgary, Canada.  I do not think he has the qualifications, unless Canada becomes the 51st State of the Union.  They disputed President Obama who came out of the 50th State, Hawaii.  So Ted Cruz can make noise but that is all, he will never be a real threat in holding the office of President.


So when you have people like Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh and even the speaker of the House John Boehner, playing into President Obama’s hands, what does this tell you?  They are all intelligent men I assume and all I have is a couple of Associate Degrees and can see that this is merely a stepping stone for Barrack Hussein Obama II, who has a  much greater agenda?  What does this tell you?  With the understanding that they are merely human beings, we can assume though they may have knowledge, they also have character defects. And an early lesson I learned from my father who was a high school dropout was that anger (hatred) is like a drunk and it will cause a person to lose their judgment.  People full of hatred and anger cannot think properly.


So you mean to tell me they (the republicans and white trailer trash) hate President Obama so much, as to self destruct before him.  President Obama said there was no winners, but he knows he won. Because he is doing everything he setout to do and his enemies are fighting among themselves, only because they are blind by hatred. They went as far as to rise a confederate flag at  the White House gates.  You might say, well President Obama didn’t get his economic agenda approved.  But understand he knows what is about to come to past, be knows there will be a One World Government or One World Economy and it is just a matter of time before it happens. The Third World War will be a war of economics.


Understand President Obama and the people behind him, have plans on being a part of that on the world stage, which is the evolution of the New World Order, which already exist, for America is the New World and this is historical facts.  So why would he waste his time with an economic agenda now?  This is in his future plans.  He wants to be among the top 10 people of the world, when all of this comes down.  Obama plans to make Clinton seem like a pawn on the Chessboard of world affairs. And these foolish republicans and I use the word foolish in that they are blind by hatred are playing right into his hands.  And he is laughing at them right now!  But this is no joking matter.  Because what is happening now is a prelude of what is to come.  And sooner than later believe that these government checks will stop coming (cease) as nations will stop buying America’s debts. Because our currency is getting too weak or they will say pay me back in gold and America cannot do this. Then inflation will go off the roof!


I say President Obama and add the people behind him to this statement, because we all know he is a black man.  And because he is black many assume he is for black people and the blind republicans perpetuate  this assumption.  But President Barrack Hussein Obama II, is a politician and do not get this twisted.  And like most politicians, he is for himself.  This shutdown is proof that they are for self.  They are for their own political power and control over the masses and are not about the service of the America people.  And because there were no winners among the common American, don’t get it twisted, there were winners and losers among the politicians. And the two who are standing tallest in the aftermath of this government shutdown and showdown are Ted Cruz and Barrack Hussein Obama II.  And the real winner is President Obama.  Because President Obama has a higher calling than his presidency (the world stage) and cannot be reelected and therefore accomplished his short term goals.  As for Ted Cruz he can never be the President of the United States, but can be the leader of the Tea Party, while making noise and getting paid in the process. But the Tea Party is an enemy of the republican party and therefore must be destroyed from within.


The Apostle Paul


Is National Scurrility to Destroy Americans?

President Obama

Is National Scurrility to Destroy Americans?

America is suspicious after a decade of war in the middle east. We fought all these wars and battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and have nothing to show for it. While we spent over $10 trillion dollars on wars our economy back home is in shambles with only 62% of Americans in our workforce today.

President Obama won a noble peace prize in 2009, but today he wants military action as there are protests against this war in Syria in major cities like New York and Washington D.C., because people heard this before and know this could escalate into a major regional conflict. And even as President Obama tries to sell this limited attack, he knows this could escalate into something major and I do not think he really wants a part of this, but is himself looking for a way out.

Most of the politicians (Lawmakers) in Washington D.C., really do not think this is a good idea on both sides of the aisle. Some say he is not doing enough others think war simply is not the answer to Syria. Basically mostly all of them think it is not a good idea for one reason or another, but is making an excuse to vote yea in the name of the creditability of the U.S. and the creditability of the institution of the presidency. But even to that end, there are two sides to every story.

Some say if we do not act, what will North Korea and Iran think and do as a result of our inaction? While others say if this backfires and North Korea and Iran puts us to the test, will America be in support of yet another war after Syria. America is war wary it is that simple and not only that we are exhausted. Must I remind you that 22 veterans are committing suicide everyday due to war fatigue and many of the returning veterans will be on a long waiting list to be served by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. We have not even solved the problems we already have with serving our already returned veterans and 30,000 is due to return from Afghanistan soon or will they do a u-turn?

Going to Syria is a calculated risk that President Obama being a wise politician, I do not think will be willing to take if Congress rejects his proposal. He hasn’t received any support from the world, even the UK rejected this idea and now it looks like the United States Congress will reject his proposal and if he goes it alone and it backfires into a major conflict, he alone will not suffer the consequences, so will the nation and if it does not backfire, he will gain nothing politically and our nation will gain nothing from this campaign. It is a lose-lose situation for him and us to be in.

But if he is the man I once believed he was, he will be wise enough to on the down low thank the Congress for helping him save face. All this talk about a redline in nonsense. This is not a reason to take the focus off of the real issues that need to be addressed, which is all the problems we have at the home front and many of them are directly associated with our past foreign wars.

We have to accept as a nation that we made some detrimental mistakes in the past decade and not be foolish enough to repeat our folly, because the chickens will come home to roast and all this foolishness will have consequences in the near future.

I think we should not go to war or even attempt limited military action in Syria, for the exact reason some politicians are compelled to go it alone, without the support of the world community, which is to save face, but not with Israel, North Korea or Iran, but with the American people. See if we go to Syria it will only make it harder to gain the support of the American people when we really need them, because they are tired, wary and confused and know they have been bamboozled.

We need to define our military definitively and define just what is national security, which is so unclear. We cannot simply yell national security and blow $200 million dollars to teach someone a lesion, because by doing so what have we learned from our actions? That we really cannot afford to enforce a vague definition of national security? Sure we can print money and print our debts away, but for how long? We must be fiscally responsible, I mean I have no problem with being the world police, if we get world police salaries, however, on the contrary we pay the people we protect and not the other way around. I mean even the Mafia gets paid for protection and they are considered criminals, so what does this make us fools?

If Americans understood exactly what our role is on the world stage, things would be more cohesive, but sometimes I wonder if our leadership actually knows our actual role. Are we really the good guys or are we interlopers out to control the masses and if so for who?

Who is profiting from our war machine, certainly not the American people, it seems to me that we (The American People) are actually being held hostage with 101 million people depending on food stamps everyday, 33 people everyday dying on the streets from gun violence, 22 veterans per day committing suicide, over 2.3 million Americans incarcerated, only 62% of Americans in the workforce and many have part-time jobs making the minimum wage, we are the richest nation in the world, but is one of the worst performing educational systems among the industrialized nations and the list goes on. Just what is national security? Since it is not open for discussion, this should be answered or is this classified?

Frank Paul Jones
President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

America is Committing Crimes Against it own People Also

 Obama Miltary

America is Committing Crimes Against it own People Also

President Obama decided to ask the Congress for authorization to attack Syria, a change from his stance to go it alone without U.S. Congressional or United Nations approval. Though every president since 1973 claimed the wars powers act of 1973 is unconstitutional, in this case President Obama decided to seek congressional approval and one must wonder why. He didn’t in Libya!

Since President Obama publicly considered attacking Syria, it seems that all the News talked about is America’s problems such as, President Obama saving face, his creditability in world affairs, as if it is our war and we have been attacked. However, we must remember this is a civil war in Syria and over 100,000 people already died and hundreds of thousands have been badly injured due to this war. There will be no winners, even when this war ends and rebuilding process of this nation and the region will cost a lot of money and time. It is not all about America, in Syria!

Now my concern is if the Congress approves an act of war against Syria, will there be an exit plan that can and will be carried out. This war is a Syrian civil war, however, nations are already taking sides and America’s involvement could even escalate their involvement and the war could become even wider in scope than it is already. If we get sucked into a regional conflict, how will we get out of it? Or even worst, will we be able to get out of it?

I do not think the American people or our military can withstand another Iraq or Afghanistan. We cannot handle another drawn out war. The wars we recently fought is costing us dearly. Because we spent perhaps ten trillion dollars on Iraq and Afghan, we were not caretakers of our own people here at home. This is the costs we are paying at home.

Over 8,000 veterans commit suicide per year, which is about 22 veterans committing suicide per day. At one time based on a statistic for every combatant killed in war 25 veterans were killing themselves. So one must ask why? Most of the kids joining the military today are Americas choice crop. They joined the military for a future in the America dream, educational benefits that they will probably never be able to use due to mental problems, they join to get out of the streets and to avoid a life of crime in this terrible economy and yes some may have had Hollywood fantasies of fighting a war, only to learn that killing and be sought after to be killed is not actually fun.

While the average is 33 fatalities a day are the result of gun violence and gun violence is the number two killer of people age 18 to 34, behind automobile accidents, what is the number one killer of veterans for age 18 to 34? And how does these new suicide rates effect the statistics overall? Because the suicide rate has to be in the top three. Because between gun violence and suicide we are losing over 20,000 of our youth each year.

Then we have to look into the incarceration rates of our youth and the dropout rates of our youth, which has a direct correlation to committing crimes. We have to recognized that America has a major problem. We have to look at the jobless rate of Americans as a whole. Only 6 of 10 Americans have a job and many of them are part time jobs. Over 32% of Americans are without an income or is on some type of disability, while about 8% get unemployment insurance. 101 million Americans get food stamps assistance or about 1/3 of the United States population. 1 out of 3 Americans cannot afford to feed themselves without assistance from the federal government.

These wars are not only costing us money that we need to spend on our economy, but it is destroying our labor force. The men an women in uniform are being misappropriated by the United States Government. But we talk about crimes against humanity in Syria, how about the crimes against our own people here in America? We are destroying the lives of our youth through wars, failing schools, no jobs for civilians, the industrial prison complex, this fake war on drugs that destroyed the lives of millions and the inaction of the legislative branch of government to do anything, while President Obama beats the war drums . Like they say, when you point your figure at someone, three are pointing back at you. America is at war with Americans and these foreign wars are characteristic of this.

Frank Paul Jones

De-Criminalized Marijuana is Now Federal Law

 President Obama Official Portrait

De-Criminalized Marijuana is Now Federal Law

The Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that legalized it, to include the states of Colorado and Washington as well as states with medical marijuana laws. Instead they will focus on preventing illegal Kingpins from profiting from this, keeping the drug out of the hands of minors and other safety measures in controlling its use.

Now understand the implications. The Obama Administration is the Executive Branch of government, whereby the Congress is the Legislative Branch of government. The President and his men’s duty is to enforce the law and not to make them, which is the duty of the Congress.

The controlled substance act was passed by the 91st Congress and signed by Richard Nixon in 1970 and marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug under the controlled substance act. The controlled substance act must be enforced under the United States Constitution, when there is a conflict between state and federal law. So if a state says a drug is legal and the federal government says it is not, the federal government is obligated to enforce this law, however, President Obama decided not to do this in this case.

HR 2306 aka the Frank Paul bill, sponsored by Barney Frank and co-sponsored by about 20 others, was introduced on June 23, 2011, but has yet to be enacted, which is the solution to this problem. It is called “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,” Because though Eric Holder can instruct his law enforcement group and direct them as to what to do and enforce or not enforce and while to some degree what is going on may be the right thing to do given the circumstances, still it may well be unconstitutional and may create bad precedent in future state and federal legal confrontations. Because if a state is not forced to follow this law, which they are constitutional bond to follow, they may pick and choose other laws to not follow at their discretion in the future. And this could lead to anarchy. So in my humble opinion, the congress has to address President Obama’s decision and in doing so look into and perhaps enacting HR 2306. Which would end the prohibition of marijuana at federal level all together.

The Obama Administration said at the time they will not change the schedule level of marijuana with the DEA, but this is a matter procedure that must take place very soon at a minimum, to justify this decision. I think within a year marijuana will be totally de-criminalized at federal level, so that the federal government can tax it where it is legalized to have the capital to enforce the terms of legal distribution and the use of it, which is a new tactic altogether. And unlike tobacco which causes so many health problems, the government will earn money in the process and hopefully use the money for social programs and not to fight wars, which seems to be the priority of this Administration and not the healing of our people.

Frank Paul Jones

Syria? Is President Obama guilty of treason?

 Pres. Obama

Syria? Is President Obama guilty of treason?

It seemed like it was only a month ago, when President Obama said we need to focus on the economy now. How soon it was forgotten? I do not see any difference between Bush and Obama except that Bush had a reason for being a war monger, which was financial gain for friends and family. They had a stake in Halliburton, who got military contracts without any competition. Halliburton made tens of billions of dollars out of the wars that Bush led us into. Something like $40 Billion dollars due to Bush’s wars.

We the black community knew that Bush was not good for us to begin with, so he did not let us down, but simply did what we expected out of him. But President Obama got over 90% of our votes (the black vote). We saw him as an icon of hope and change, but he turned out to be just another politician and a liar. He did nothing for us and he had an opportunity, but now these doors seemed to be closed permanently. There just isn’t enough money to go around, it is either the economy or a another war and he chose another war.

After we spent between $6 and $10 trillion dollars on the Iraq and Afghan wars, and the UN and Brittan does not support this war in Syria, so how can he make such a decision to go about it unilaterally? It is not far to world’s opinion (the UN) or the American people. I just want to know why is he doing this. What is his hidden agenda and selfish ends, because this one is certainly not about our nations security, in fact it is a detriment to our security, making us the lone target for retaliation from the middle east and we will not even know where the retaliation came from.

Sure they will be able to sell us another lie like 9/11 and blame it on whoever Arabs they want to take down for whatever reason, but they will not make America more safer. Because America’s real problems are of economic consequences and our self destructive mentality. We are falling apart as a nation because of our failing schools, gun violence on the streets, the drug epidemic in the black community and our main culprits are the unemployment rate and joblessness which are not actually the same.

America cannot afford to be sucked into another war in the middle east and what good is our military actions doing or have done over there so far? Libya is in shambles and so are Iraq and Afghanistan, all we managed to do is destroy governments that we could not find stable replacements that will help our national security. In fact the conditions we are leaving these countries are worst than before we entered them.

I heard people like Jesse Jackson and other mouth pieces of the 60’s speak about what Martin Luther King would say to President Obama, yet they say nothing. We as a nation of people who are suffering in silence like the Jews during World War Two, still reminiscing on dead leaders, Dr. King is dead and President Obama is trying to kill off the rest of us, through senseless wars and inaction to our real concerns which is the economy. And what gets me is he got Obamacare signed, but is not trying to pay for it. More wars will not pay for Obamacare. We need a President for the American people and our needs and not someone who wants to just blew money on wars, in the name of national security. Obama is a liar and after his presidency we will find out why, when they disclose his new portfolio.

The Apostle Paul

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma


I realize people need to have recreation and be allowed to let off steam.  When I was younger I partied and it was fun to me, however became my greatest misery.  It was a privilege extended to me from the generations before me and shouldn’t be extended to this generation by all. 


I was sent here on a mission and by a promise made to Worshipful Master Eston Roberts to do community work and to help revive the economy first in the black community than in all communities and then the nation.  This is my promise to the Nation and the White House and President Obama.


People here wonder who I am and what I am about.  I’m a servant of the Lord, far from stupid or am I crazy.  I walked the road of the oppressed by choice and understand the hardships of the underserved, for I am one of them. The bottom line is I have been through the ringer, because the direction of my life was preordained.


I travelled for 33 years, since I was 17 years old.  And the Lord and the nation sent me here.  What is about to happen here will be a template for the Nation to follow?  Avon Park does not realized it has been blessed, by my presence and the attention it will receive around the nation and the world as a result of my being here on a mission from God and by the Nation of Made Men.


Important people are watching us.  As I may have a vision I was taught that a prophet’s vision can only be realized by the actions of the people.  The people of the times make’s the vision of the prophet happen and not the other way around contrary to popular belief.  I may well be the Grand Architect or Chief Engineer, but my ability to manufacture a final product depends on the staff and technicians.


All to say, millions of dollars is trying to ride thru here and important people want these good things to happen in this area. Operations from the White House to the Gambino Family, from Oprah to  Eric Holder to past Presidents such as George W, Bush and Bill Clinton to the support of the Crips are unified in this mission, because the success of this mission holds a key to a better America.  That said who am I?  I am the real Paul Castellano, now do your homework.  I am Gambino!


I call on the scattered Dolphins and those who love the Lord to come together not in fear knowing the Lord is with you and the highest authorities of Mankind also.  Support the operation to revive our community and put an end of self oppression.  Understand that oppression is privilege however reparation is our right to succeed.   Please help us help us and you too.

The Wall Street Bill & the New CFPB

The Wall Street Bill & the New CFPB


It is uncertain exactly what the new Wall Street Bill will mean to credit and debit card holder and users.  The new rules and regulations from this bill have to be announced and therefore established probably by the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Among other things they will be responsible for governing consumer financial products such as mortgages, credit cards, debit cards, student loans and so forth.


The bill sets up a system to allow consumers to check their credit scores for free through “annualcreditreport.com” and there will be new rules to the use of credit and debit cards.  This really does not tell me much.


Three issues the President Obama Administration must address:


Consumer debt relief


Many consumers are up to their ears in debt due to this horrific economy.  The economy is consumer driven.  Therefore the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should initiate a program to remove old consumer credit card debts.  The law should not remove these debts without consequences.  However there should be a middle ground to the chapter 7 bankruptcy program.  People who cannot afford to go bankrupt due to their current  financial circumstances should be subsidize by the government to do so, with an option to buy back the bankruptcy in five years. 


The idea is to help people get out of debt to stop the collection calls and perhaps allow them to address these financial issues in a later date during better financial circumstances.


Mortgage recovery


How often has a person not be able to afford their mortgage during these hard economic times?  Too often people lose their homes only to pay for the home in later date in rent payments.  This is an unethical practice in this land whereby home ownership is the American dream.  Similar to the Consumer debt relief program, people should be able to buy back their mortgages if they loss their homes and continue to reside in the home lost as a tenant. 


The idea of this program is for a person in jeopardy of losing their home having the option to find a sponsor to take ownership as a renter with government oversight to protect both sides from abuse, until the owner can buy back the mortgage. Often the best sponsor in these cases of hardships would the Federal government.  By given a person a temporary section 8 voucher to maintain ownership of their homes, we can keep more Americans in their homes, during hardships.


The student loan relief policy


Anyone who can qualified for a subsidized student loan, changes are without employment will not be able to afford to pay it back.  Therefore anyone who is not able to payback a student loan due to hardships should be allowed to work for the government in an internship that will create a work history in their field of study, assistance the government with professional skilled labor and pay off their student loan.  A stipend should be including in this program similar to programs like VESID and other work programs provided by the government.  This is not welfare by any means but an entry level of employment guaranteed to all college graduates.  No subsidized student loan recipient that worked hard to graduate from college should be left unemployed and in debt in an ethical society.  This will promote education at the highest level.


The idea is self explanatory.  The education system and the workforce have to be responsible to the consumers. We cannot send people to college without intent to employ them upon completion of their studies.  This program should be paid for by an insurance policy automatically assigned to all Americans who go to college and complete their courses of study.  America promises you a job if you work hard and finish college, because education should not be a scheme for swindlers.