Rev. Frank Paul Jones Authority to be Reverend

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Rev. Frank Paul Jones Authority to be Reverend


Note: This letter is protected by with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution “Freedom of Religion.”


I am writing this letter because I really think I have a problem with some of the local church members and their clergy here in Avon Park.  I really believe that bro. Melvin “Yet” Wiley, a so-called born again Christian reasoning to bear false witness against me, to cause me harm after he totaled my car, was based on this community’s feeling towards my reverend ship and therefore mindset.


First of all, my authority runs along the lines of the traditions of  Paul Castellano and his associations with the United States Government and the Gambino Crime Family out of New York City and the Crips, which reached beyond the Illuminati and the whose ultimate mission in life is the fulfilling of Bible Prophesy.


I am an ordained reverend through the Universal Life Church. This gives me the legal authority to start my own religion, which is in the works. The church will place the Apostle Paul who I am as the religious leader or church head. And the teachings will be based on the Holy Bible understanding it through symbolism and hidden codes revealed by the Apostle Paul and the Life of Paul Castellano the son of a slave master and slave or Mafia Dom Gambino and an oppressed black woman Blond Eva who worked for them as an associate.  Paul Castellano named after Big Paul Castellano his father’s first cousin and brother in-law and was the promise to the black community to raise them out of oppression and into world ruler ship, thereby creating the sixth Family of New York City given black full authority in the order of ruler ship.


We find our belief codes to be reality based and applicable in society and no different than the many opposing views of the many black churches that cannot do anything together due to doctrine.  We believe there is but one God, therefore there can be but one word of God and the word is in the living Paul Castellano the Son of Carlo Gambino.


Also as a reverend and being a convicted felon, though I have received clemency in the State of Florida, I have a federal conviction which would requires a presidential pardon to restore all my rights as an American citizen. Then I have a psychiatric profile, which even if all my rights were restored, I still cannot bear firearms. So I have all my right but to bear fire arms.  But as a reverend I can congregate with other felons in the name of our God.  Thereby allowing us who were sinners and convicted felons in society to be able to act as a unified group for the good of humanity and be able to communicate about issues such as those being addressed in Operation Solution and Response as adopted sons of man and brothers in Paul Castellano. And therefore create a powerful network for social and economic equality and as long as we do the right thing, God will be with us, for he is with us in the name of Paul Castellano.


Now I do not expect many people who profess in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to accept our beliefs as theirs and many will not even understand it, but give us the due respect you give any Christian whose doctrines are different than yours, Muslims, Jews or Buddhist or whatever, because our authority does not rest in your congregation or your traditional processes within community and church, but will be bonded with God within the church that is to be built, calling on members out of the Mafia and the Crips who are waiting to be awaken nationwide to save our nation from a hostile takeover due to corporate greed and begin a new ruler ship.


Understand we believe that the true Israel is the United States of America and we the black man in America are the true Jews and this is only understood by those who understand the codes written in the Bible.  And Paul Castellano the Son of Carlo Gambino aka the Apostle Paul was held as ransom by the Mafia and will one day return to the true Jews pure and holy once again as he was before he left home on his journey, to raise them out of oppression and thereby save the world from its current tyranny by the group known as the Illuminati, who mission is to oppress the world and rule over it.


Our promise:  They say you are promised 70 years. If you study the traditions of Paul Castellano, you would know he created the AIDS Virus and cured it in 1989 and designed Star Wars Technology for the United States in the early 1980’s which is a nuclear umbrella.  His promise to us is we will receive 150 years, instead of 70 years under a unifying light of equal justice. He will do this in his lifetime by breaking the code of our DNA before he reaches 70 years old which is our current promise. Thereby slowing down, stopping and even possibly reversing the aging process in humankind, to be made available to those who are chosen to be a part of God’s New Kingdom on the new Earth and Beyond. Because space travel is apart of this agenda.


We feel our beliefs are realistic and doable.  We do not think these ideas are in anyway delusional, though our messenger was judge by those who do not even claim they have the authority to judge anyone as being delusional for expressing these things to the world.  On the contrary we think the majority of the religions on earth are in fact delusional and the mindset of Mankind will not allow them to see the truth and the light, even as all these things in the prophesy are happening before us all today at an accelerated rate, most people are still blind and confused and will never understand us even after his day, many will still claim we are the anti-Christ after sacrificing a lifetime to save them, until it is too late and they are forced to bow down anyway to fulfill the prophecy.


We do not believe in  any ultimate right or wrong among man, because with everything there is a balance. We know in Christ is reality.  We simply have a clear understanding of the cliché or scripture, “you are either for us or against us?”  We believe in just ruler ship and the current system of order on earth and in America is an unjust ruler ship, whereby 2% of the population controls over 50% of the world’s wealth, we live in the riches nation in the world yet over 45 million people depend on food stamps to be able to eat and therefore must answer certain questions to be awarded this assistance.  We believe in the God of a Heavenly Order here on Earth, which we believe is promised in the book of Revelations. Revelation 21 – A New Heavens, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem.


However, the key element is that we believe the Apostle Paul Castellano who goes by Rev. Frank Paul Jones, when under the power of the spirit of God and hypnosis, giving him enormous mental powers which has been proven thorough his passed crafts, will break the code of the DNA of humankind and therefore be able to eliminate all diseases, and by overcoming the Illuminati share the wealth of the World with his believers and supporters, ending oppression for many more, by introducing a just system of ruler ship ending the need of these many wars thereby creating a platform for world peace.   Yet people will still call him evil, but his happiness will be in knowing those who accept the new reality plates will be full of food to eat.


Finally, please know that my non profit work with the National Community Network and this religious order or movement are separate and distinct, though the NCN is just one means, the Church will be at the head of all things.  I wrote this letter that you may understand the basis of my reverend ship and why I go by the name Rev. Frank Paul Jones. I do not believe in what is being taught in churches like the  Faith Pentecostal House of God, or the Church of God by Faith or the Apostolic Church of Jesus here in Avon Park, all of which I respect.  And if they were right with God they would fully agree on doctrine and there would be no need for so many different churches in this small town, because they would all praise God in the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior together with one voice.  Therefore under such circumstance, the only commonality in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ should be that there can be no preconceived notions concerning the second coming our Lord and Savior to include the name he now travels in. “For those who claim to be of God, may be condemned for their lies and those who have been condemned by these so-called adopted sons of man, may well find themselves saved, for in the final days your hearts will be judged and your heart cannot lie, for all will be revealed as everyone was given a chance to repent.


Apostle Paul Castellano




Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?


I did a lot of writing over the last few years. A lot of what I wrote was put on Internet, under several aliases as well as in my officially documented and recorded name Frank Paul Jones.


When I had the revelation that I was Paul Castellano due to hypnosis sessions back in July of 1989 with John J. Gotti as well as other made men and associates of the Gambino Family out of New York City who participated and witnessed these activities that transpired and I woke up in the month of May 1990, I was mesmerized by the seemingly good news, because it gave my life new meaning and gave me a purpose and an agenda.  My first response was to contact the government and for several years I did this, I wrote the White House via fax regularly as I reported to them what I knew on so many subjects, which I felt was my duty to this country.  This begun under the President George H. W. Bush Administration and continued for many years until even this day.


Back then I became so fascinated and excited by the attention I got in secret  that I could not keep this good news to myself and felt compelled to share it with the world and not just friends, family and the government. And I did so with some successes, because I shared my blogs with over one million readers since about 2009.


My findings were somewhat surprising to some degree though they shouldn’t have been, because my family seemed to think I was delusional without question and many friends seemed to also think I was delusional, other than those who were there and yet though the government seemed to know what was going on with me, but decided it was best for the security of our nation to deny me and this gave me a profound understanding of a popular scripture in the bible.


Mark: 6:4 Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”


The reason I can say this is not to convince you that I am Jesus Christ, but because many of my readers who knew nothing about me, seemed to accept my writings as somewhat the truth because they did not judge the messenger but only read the message and I know the government knows the truth about my journey throughout life and my works for (them) government, but my own people (my close friends and family) seemed to think I am crazy and they were the people who I tried to save (wakeup) first from what is to come due to the covert activities that took place in my lifetime. And to this effect there is a comparison with how many people did not receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and labeled him insane also.


My journey to spread the word about the truth on subjects such as AIDS (a biological weapon) and the Economic War (WWIII) was for over 20 years, which everything basically falls under today, because even AIDS like the drug epidemic are merely weapons being used in this economic war to create the One World Government, for the New World Order who have been in existence here since the inception of this Great Nation, whereby a few controls the masses.  They (The Government) and I agreed to a set of rules, the agreement was that I could say anything I want to say as long as I do not act on what I say.  I went as far as to threaten then President of the United States George H. W. Bush (the illuminati himself), because I knew I could get away with it but knew I could  not act on it and didn’t want to, yet still people close to me, did not see the significance of my actions as to my authority, they only saw an obsessed fool over Janet Jackson in action.  Whereby throughout my journey Janet symbolized the Jews and my love for the Jews, who are the African Americans, if you truly understand scripture and its symbolism or at least my teachings.


Today I now realize that people are never going to believe me until the people in power tell them who I am and work I have done. Only when they have been overcome will my people see the light, because of their slave mentality.  For this reason there is no longer any reason for me to starve for the sake of blind fools. Because nobody supports me or my causes and because of  my works I have been blackballed from society and the government, whereby I could not even get a decent job for about 25 years, this is the price I paid for the stunt I pulled at the White House in May of 1991.


Now I have a chance to at least be compensated from the government but not directly for my works.  The VA will have to make a determination that I was insane, when I was discharged from the Army in 1987, for them to compensate me. This will give the government the authority to not only deny me, but it will be documented as facts that it was evaluated and agreed upon by judges that what I have been sharing with the world is a mere figment of my imagination and that there is not truth or at least no consistency of facts being shared by me.  This is plausible denial for the government!  And I have to agree to these findings to be compensated in order to have a decent quality of life in my last years here on earth.  And I sincerely believe that Frank Paul Jones suffered long enough. Because though Paul Castellano  resides in the body of Frank Paul Jones, he is not Jones and Jones should not forever carry the burdens of Castellano’s work and continue to suffer in his name, especially when nobody believes to him anyway.


So the question as to “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) comes into play, while I guess he would die for a bunch of blind fools called sinners, but I am not he, so living and dying in absolute poverty and not being able to make bills each month while driving a lemon for a car about to collapse any day, only because Jones could not have a career in the workforce and therefore a retirement check would be continued folly in my part.  Because if people did not listen to me for over 50 years, my continued life of poverty will not change a thing.  And I realize that once this happens, I will be a documented insane man who should not to be taken seriously. So be it!



The irony behind this development is that because of this and how it will come to be, I am more convinced than ever that I am Paul Castellano.  I realize that the works of my last 20 years plus of sharing my life’s history with the world, was never expected to be accepted by those close to me.  And until those close to me accept my words as truth those from a distant will not be changed by it. They may believe me somewhat but not conceive the truth in their daily lives or act on my words.   And therefore it will be just information without the power change anything.  Nothing but rhetoric in the winds.


Was it a waste of time? I hope not, because the truth is everlasting even if it is overwritten, the facts remain, because the development of the future is determined by the facts of the past, even if the facts have been overwritten by fabrications.  Those who are in the sphere of controlling the world are in their positions of power or will be the power over the world because they know the facts from fiction.  So even if my service was not recognized by the those who I setout to wakeup first, still it was a calling for many.  I know that the rulers of tomorrow will have known what I said to be true and believable and will manifest it in their ruler ship. And I know that my history was already written and is available to the world on the Internet, even if I die tomorrow. And it is not my duty to continue to repeat myself over and over, at the price of poverty, hunger and despair.  I have to move on to another stage in my life. But because I did not die at their hands (The African Americans or Jews in symbolism), so they may survive also, even if it is in darkness.  For this reason it was said.


Mathew: 22-14: “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”


As I said what I had to say, now I must do what I must do. It is my plan to do community work with the remaining healthy years of my life I have on this planet. Only if it is God’s will, will the work I do make any real impact on lifting poverty for others. Because I have an idea of what is to come, perhaps I will be prepared for it and be able to help others prepare as well.  I realize I must design a new strategy and a new approachto my services to mankind and perhaps even change my way of life that I may become more believable.

James   2: 17: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.



Shamelessness Brings Forth Chaos

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Shamelessness Brings Forth Chaos

When a person becomes shameless and no longer have moral rudders, you do not no what to expect from them. A shameless person will do anything and everything, without the consideration of others. The ability to have shame is a deterrent from mortal sin. Often people say, “I do not care what people think about me.” And based on the behavior of many people today, often this may be true, whereby when I was child it was just talk. But often what matters is what other think about you, because we live in an interdependent society, it matters what people think for our soul of our coexistence.

To tell you the truth, we now live in a shameless society today. And for this reason we have so much chaos and corruption in America and around the world. People simply have no shame in too many cases and do things without the concern of others, too many people simply do not care, what others think about them or even care less about themselves for that matter, which is even worst. And therefore justify things that they do, which other stems from sinful nature.

A lot of things that are done openly in America are not new, but because of our new mindset, they are now openly done. What I am saying is not an issue of right and wrong, as far as the actions itself, but is matter of the shamelessness in how they are carried out. Because having shame doesn’t make a wrong a right thing to do, but it often prevents wrong actions from ever occurring. Today kids will murder their associates and so-called friends out of shamelessness. But a person who has shame, will be ashamed of even considering or entertaining murder. I saw a kid playing a violent video game and when he was asked what would he do in such a fight in real life, his response was I will not have fight like this, “I will shoot him.” I did not take the lightly, because murder among our youth is reality today. Kids will kill other kids simply because they lost a fight, without considering the consequences for themselves and the child they murdered.

I was once against homosexuality as an open community. But also I was against drug use as a legal enterprise, legalized gambling and prostitution. I now accept homosexuality as a way of life for the many people who engage in it. And I think at a minimum marijuana should be decriminalized like alcohol, for recreational use and not just as medicine, prostitution should be legalized and regulated for disease control, as well as casino type gambling and not just for the big establishments in big cities that are big corporate owned, but also in our local communities as well. Why? Because we live in a shameless society and people are going to do these things openly anyway, so why make criminals out of them, when they can be made tax payers and support the economy? And in a democratic society, we shouldn’t put people in jail for doing what they want to do, simply because it is against God‘s will, when it is not hurting people who choose not to engage in it with them. “Vengeance is the Lord’s” My decision on these issues have different reasons, but they all stem my awareness of the shameless mindset in America today.

On the other hand, due to the enormous level of shamelessness, I think we need new gun control legislation. Because too many guns are in the hands of too many shameless people and they are using them to kill on the streets, in our schools, in our businesses and just about everywhere. Today people use guns as toys to shoot in residential areas, blasting bullets as target practice, because they are shameless. But people should be ashamed of playing with guns like this, but instead they will even boast about it as a popular thing to do. But because we live in a shameless society, also our government and law makers are shameless, without moral rudders and therefore create laws based on how to be reelected instead of what is right for the people they are supposed to be serving. The truth of the matter is they often serve big corporations and the wealthy whose interest is in making more money and holding on to what they already have, while 2% of the population controls half of the all the assets in America. So there is not incentive to do right by a mass of dependent people, needing food stamps to eat and other assistances to make their rent.

And now an insightful fact:

The mindset of America is by design and our thoughts are merely a fabrication of big corporate mass media. Things like the music being distributed, the news being telecasted meant not to inform but to persuade to think a certain way, the TV shows and movies being produced and televised promoting sex, violence and perversion, the video games being manufactured, which are often very violent which desensitizes our children’s souls into not caring about human life. This is all our kids see today. And this coupled with hopelessness, due to a poor performing economy, poor performing schools, the lack of investment in education from preschool to continuing education, recidivism of our youth for petty crimes and everything they do is illegal, from gambling, to smoking weed, to soliciting girls for something in return. So by design we are producing a shameless generation of people, without parameters or boundaries.

In such a society is there hope? Things can change and laws can change. The products on the market can change if they cease to produce profits. But shameless people love chaos and confusion. America may be so far gone that it might take divine intervention or a national or worldwide catastrophe, to turn things around. But in the absence of this, it comes down to the individual. It comes down to self preservation which is the first law of nature. Because in the midst of all of this chaos, one must go into their individual survival mode. And it may take our disassociation from dysfunctional people that surround us. This does not necessarily require isolation but our choice of friends and associates based on due diligence, based on our interest and what we want out of life. It calls for using common sense in deciding on how to entertain oneself and how you choose your surroundings, to minimize the risk associated with folly. The bottom-line is sometimes we have to look out for our own well being, when found in a dangerous environment or situation, to prevent a negative outcome.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

MST Untreated Stole My Life


MST Untreated Stole My Life

For many years I was traumatized due to a military sexual assault, the illness is called MST or military sexual trauma.  I really never dealt with it, but simply allowed my life to deteriorate, while one thing led to another in a self destructive pattern. I recently enrolled in MST therapy through the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and for the first time since the assault occurred I am being proactive in addressing the underlying problems associated with this by actually looking into how it really effected me.

My goal is to obtain a better quality of life and to be successful in gaining service connected disability. I feel that this assault destroyed my life because as a result of it, I halted in development, I stopped growing, in fact, I became insecure  and became worst. And instead of the VA treating my true illness they chose to treat a mere symptom which was “delusional schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,” because they were only concerned with denying me service connected disability they did not address MST and as a result over 24 years have passed by, while it went untreated and I am now 54 years old and have a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Now for the first time I was ask how did the assault effect me and as a result for the first time I actually thought about it in detail and that is the nature of this letter.

I never understood what Paul Castellano meant by saying to Rev. Jesse Jackson he has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.”  Why? Because I was never challenged by anyone to think about it.

First of all, I truly believe that everything that happened in my life was for a reason, to include the late decision by the VA to treat me for MST.  Sure I probably would have had a full life had we did it sooner, but still better late than never.

To say I had to know is talking about knowledge of something and what I had to overcome was the traumatic effect as a result of the knowledge.  I had to know homosexuality or the act of homosexuality inflicted upon me “an assault” and had to overcome whatever happened to my psyche as a result of it.  And because I was not homosexual it was a traumatic experience, because in reality my manhood was taken from me and I will explain.

One of the worst things you can do to a straight man is have another man  rape him. As a result I felt fear, I was afraid to even go to sleep night.  One time I stayed up for about three months.  Because of being raped I begun to hate alcohol, I feared its effects, though I still abused it, because it made me vulnerable and subject to another assault. So while I was afraid to sleep I needed a sedative to put me under. I could not sleep on my own, without the help of a drug and still cannot. I still cannot sleep without medications to assist me.

Soon after I was raped, I realized I was naked as did Adam, which makes me wonder what was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Soon after I got raped I did not feel comfortable taking a shower with other men, which was a requirement in the Army in Germany, because we lived in old style barracks. And I became ashamed of my body and I felt violated and inadequate.  And though I have reason to believe Paul Castellano killed those who conspired to rape me, there was never a sense of closing. I never had closure, because one thing led to another  in a constant self destructive pattern in my life.

Soon after I got out of the military during that enlistment, I drank everyday and made my father promise not to enter into my bedroom while I was asleep, in fear he would hurt me. But I am sure he checked on me to make sure I was OK.  Because at the time he was the only person that I told about I being raped while in Germany. And when I showed him a picture of the people responsible for my assault with their social security numbers on it and said one day I will find them and kill them, he tore up the picture and said “they are already dead.”  It was years later before I even had a flash of their killings. Still until this day I do not remember it all, but only in parts can I remember that night Paul Castellano killed them.

I think John J. Gotti set me up to be assaulted, because I had to know and overcome it and to get even with me. He too was setup while in prison in his younger years and also that man who did him died a horrible death.  But he made it difficult for me to overcome it.  Because now that I think about it Janet Jackson was never for me, but worked for the Mafia and him.

See Janet was used to control me for many years. My relationship with her went back to when I was 16 years old an d she was about 9.  I was hypnotized and tricked into loving her from the beginning and to feel a sense of debt to her. I felt I owed her my love, because of all these bad things I did to her “allegedly”. And as a result of my love for her, the Mafia controlled me. She was never  really my true mate, but was a tool they used to get me to do the many things I did for them. And John J. Gotti told me, “you have to get over her.” Just like I had to get over the assault and had to get over Janet, because she never was for me to begin with. He said I could never be a Dom and be obsessed over her, who was never worthy of my love. But after years and years of this, I found it hard to let go, yet I knew I had to someday.

The sexual assault coupled with a hypnotically induced obsession over Janet Jackson, brought about my long term deterioration. First of all, I was suffering with MST which was going untreated for many years.  Meaning the feelings of fear, insecurity, inadequacy, shame and guilt  to name a few was coupled with an illusionary relationship diagnosed as delusion. And I was preoccupied with the fact that I knew it was true (my associations with her) that I overlooked the fundamental element (fact), which was that she used me to gain the world, never intending to share it with me. She never really cared about me from the beginning.

As a result, I further melted down by disassociating myself with people who cared about me, always worrying about her. I was actually faithful to her for about 10 years, going without sex. Because my believed relations with her was upheld by me being a victim of MST. I see it now as a setup, Janet Jackson was used against me so effectively only because I was already traumatized by a sexual assault, in the military. She in fact was my escape as well as distraction from dealing with my underlying problems associated with MST. And the VA failed me, because had they never addressed my real problem, because I would have gain service connected disability and/or recovered from this traumatic experience.  And because Paul Castellano killed those men, I was accused of destroying a covert unit. But it was centered around me anyway and they dishonored me by allowing this rape to take place and then covering it up as if it n ever happened.

A better quality of life for me, would include some material things, like a better car to drive, my house being renovated, eating quality foods like good steaks ore often, my recording studio being upgraded and updated and the tools to get our non profit organization of the ground, because my non profit organization give me a reason to wakeup each day.

But I know in my heart, now that I am pondering and reflecting on my past and how I got to where I am today in mind, body and spirit. For me to enjoy these things and truly benefit from them, I need peace of mind. I need a true understanding of myself that is consistent with the directions I want to go with the remainder of my life.  I need closure concerning this traumatic event coupled with illusions that controlled my life for over 25 years.

From: The Screenplay “The Apostle.”


Staff Sergeant Winston who was my KEY arranged a meeting with me and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Who are you?

Frank Paul Jones was in the process of becoming Paul Castellano, right before Rev. Jackson.


I am afraid; they are going to kill me.
Then Paul Castellano started laughing, saying Frank Paul Jones is a baby, and he wasn’t that body he just resides in it.


Why you let them do what they did to Paul.


He has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.


What are you going to do to the people responsible for this?


What do you suggest?


They must die.


You are right and I assume you are afraid for your life as well, but you will be all right, it’s all a part of the Master Plan.
The decision was made to protect Jesse, because he had a strong Presidential campaign and the decision was made to handle the people who raped Paul.


I don’t remember the last day in Germany of this tour. All I remember was being with a prostitute in Frankfurt, who told me I had to return to Swhweinfurt to resolve this situation, then I saw Staff Sergeant Winston who said, there he goes, and then later on that night I remember sweating on top of the same prostitute, and she said, now you can go home.

From the <st1:translation_smarttag_15>NIV Holy Bible:

Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”


10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”


11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”


12 The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”


13 Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

Frank Paul Jones

Hip Hop Culture – A Setup and Ghetto Flamboyance


Hip Hop Culture – A Setup and Ghetto Flamboyance

One of the most important rules of the underworld of criminals is do not be flamboyant.  Many gangsters have been killed  or put away in prison for long lengths of time for breaking this one basic rule. The reason for this is that flamboyancy brings too much attention to a person and his associates who is attempting to maintain a low profile. The most successful criminals in the history of mankind who experienced longevity in the life of crime did so by maintaining a low profile.  Maintaining a low profile is imperative to a successful gangster or criminal.  Most successful gangsters became known to the public as celebrities in their aftermath.


Sure many will say, “everyone knows who is involved in organized crime as well as criminal behavior on the street corners.” But this is not always true, even though it is said.  And even if you are known as a criminal it doesn’t help at all to be arrogant and smug it into the faces of law enforcement. Because by doing so you make yourself a target on the most wanted list by becoming a public enemy.  Any rational minded person knows crime exist and there are dirty cops that allow these enterprises to prosper. But bringing too much attention to yourself, your operation and associates is a poison pill to any business maneuver, legal or illegal enterprises.  The less people know about you true intentions the better.  And if your intend to make a living breaking the law, you should not boost about it by showing off.  And you must have an exit plan


Just like a silk suit worn by a real gangster, hanging jeans by a street hood is symbol that rings off alarms.  The first thing the police or even an ordinary citizen thinks when they see a Hip Hopper wearing pants well below his waistline is anti-social behavior.   It is the sign of criminal behaviorisms as well as ignorance. And the first person on the most wanted list of street criminals are stupid crooks, because a stupid person breaking the law is considered dangerous.  Law Enforcement has a duty to protect the public from stupid criminals, because they are the type of people who harm innocent people in the process of their criminal behaviors.


What most people are concerned with as far as street crime, is the violence associated with these activities. Understand that over 30,000 people are killed by gun violence every year in this country, with over 100,000 shot by guns.  These are startling statistics and because of this a street hood shouldn’t do anything to associate himself with this fact.


Many psychologist have weighed in on the Hip Hop culture and hanging jeans and have determined that these kids are angry.  No rational criminal wants people and especially law enforcement to think for a moment that he is angry. It is one thing to be a businessman breaking the law and another to be an angry person committing crimes. A criminal shouldn’t want people to fear him when they can like him.  Because it is one thing to be ruthless  and another to be feared. And the difference is a feared man is a target to be killed or snitched out due to fear, because a person will setout to destroy he who he fears and a liked person is never suspected of killing until he is caught.


Now this is not a lesson on how to be a good crook, because good or bad being a crook is wrong.  But it is a lesson on ghetto survival techniques. Because often people who play into these ghetto flamboyant fashion statements are really actually harmless, yet they are perceived as stupid crooks that need to be removed from the streets for public safety.  And it is sad because often they take the heat off of the real criminals who hide behind these foolish actors and shields, not being paid by Hollywood or anyone else for that matter.


Why do you think crime seems to never stop, even as many people constantly get busted everyday?  We all know people who are in jail or recently got busted and is on their way to prison. Yet crime continues to constantly move forward and is getting worst. Why? The answer is because the real crooks are not to be seen. They are not flamboyant on the streets. When they dress up they dress up to go to church or to work, to show off their new rags. They go by the names Doctor, Mister, Misses and reverend and not “Stone Dog” or some other nick name. They are church goers and politicians and do not hangout on the streets getting drunk and high everyday.  But they do their dirt in the privacy of their own homes in private or among their clandestine circle.  And after they are finished using the street thug, they are the ones who call 911, because they are the 411. They know everything, because they fabricate the rules of the streets.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


America Needs God Back in our Decision Making


America Needs God Back in our Decision Making

I remember back in my childhood, when there was an illusion (thought) that America was a Christian society.  Back then people believed that our government was a Christian government and not a manager capital ideals.  This was before the term Illuminati reached the Internet and became household conversation and when there was a lot of mysticism surrounding secret orders such as the Freemasons.  Now that I am older and wiser , I realize that this was never true, but the belief of these principles, had a positive effect on American society.


Our opinions about government decision making  back then was based on righteousness verse evil.  We as a people made our decisions based on our belief codes in Godliness.  Regardless as to whether  we were democrat or republican, we based our decisions on how we felt about our true understanding of God.  But through an evolutionary process, whereby we learned more about the true nature of politics, somehow the American people ourselves have become politicians and not a God fearing constituency.  We no longer try to satisfy God in our decisions, but we vote based on our party affiliations.  We no longer for based our decisions on good verses evil, but on democrat verse republican. And because of this morality has become lost within our nation.


Even as the American people have grown wiser about world affairs, the heads of government still controlled us with an iron fist, by using our newly gained knowledge against us. In the old days back in the 1960’s often the government did unethical things without the American people being aware of it and it was said to have been done for the good of the nation as a whole. Today still the government does unethical things, said for the same reason “the good of our nation” but they do it right in front of us, without any consequences.  Why?  Because America has swayed away from Godliness.  We have become partners in partisan politics.  Forgetting there is God fearing people in the democratic, republican and independent parties, we go against each other for the sake of our party affiliations, while forgetting God in the process.


For this reason the power of the people has been almost destroyed, because among the people there  is no consensus (agreement or harmony) among the people. Instead of a unified voice for what is right by God which is innate within man, we have all gotten outside of ourselves based on issues of personal preferences.  We no longer fight for what is right, but for what is good for us as an individual.


They now have the whole country divided over Obamacare and other partisan politics, while they have been caught red-handed spying on every American and the world, stealing our privacy without just cause. But nobody in the media is making a real issue of this, there are no riots or uprisings to voice against these practices, because we have become submissive to corruption. Like never before the disparity between the wealthiest and the poorest Americans has grown, whereby only 2% of the American population actually controls our finances. Meanwhile we are fighting over Obamacare and food stamps and even this is an uphill battle for poor America. We have fallen so far behind that we have to even fight for the right of healthcare and a damn job. And the reason for this is that we the American people have become political animals, less than pawns on the chessboard that was designed for the rich.


Whereby when I was a child almost all senators and house representatives in the Congress were rich, so it seemed, now they use ambitious Harvard and Yale School educated graduates  to control the masses. These politicians are not in the bloodlines money, but are controlled by lobbyist, who control the money.  Making many of them mere educated sellouts.


We in America now know that it takes money to gain political positions, while there is a disparity between the rich and the poor beyond reasonable calculations, yet we still play these political games not knowing we can never win, which is partisan politics based on party affiliations.  Why? Is it because we have evolved beyond Holy Scripture and having faith in God?  Are we in fact ungodly ourselves and not simply the victims of an ungodly system capitalism?  I hope not, because if this is the fact of the matter, we are in a position that is hopeless. Because why should God save the ungodly from the ungodly?


If people were driven by our innate Gods fearing hearts, the will of God would rule. But somewhere down this line of newly found political awareness, we forgotten all about God and have become less than pawns in a political game designed for the rich. And we are always forgetting there is God in all people regardless of their political affiliation and the enemy is politics itself.  When democrats learn to love republicans and republicans learn to love democrats and recognize there is God in  us all, the will of the people will become the will of God and God’s spirit will become the law of the land.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

I Do Not Think the Congress is Bulletproof

The Congress

I Do Not Think the Congress is Bulletproof

There are 535 members in the Congress, with 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House, but there are about 317 million Americans.  Yet these 535 have us all at their mercy. To them we are just numbers, so it seems and they really don’t care about us. Now they are threatening to shut down the U.S. Government, if President Obama does not repeal Obamacare.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act called Obamacare is good for America.


Personally it does not really effect me directly, one way or the other. Because I am a Army Veteran and get my healthcare through the Veterans Healthcare System, but there are many Americans who simply couldn’t afford healthcare and now they will.  While we are the riches nation in the world our Congress wants to refuse healthcare for all Americans.  I think it is bad enough that certain States are able to opt out of Obamacare, that is not fair in my opinion.  And what kills me is their opposition to Obamacare is its cost, yet they found it to be alright to spend $10 trillion on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  And now their only argument with Syria is President Obama’s plan does not go far enough.  They want an all our war over in Syria, they want regime change. At a cost of?


We are in a tough economy and many Americans depend on the Federal Government, due to the huge jobless rates.  Over 101 million Americans depend on food stamps to feed their families.  Over 62 million people get some sort of subsidy from Social Security.  There are about 1.5 million people in the armed forces and this doesn’t count all of their dependents.  Then there is our law enforcement groups, such as the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, CIA and so forth.  Hell even the Secret Service operates under the Federal umbrella.  I feel for them to make such a threat is an act of treason.


I guess, I must ask, can a Congressman commit an act of treason?  We know the price for treason is death by a firing squad or it use to be. Who knows many they now use lethal injections, being we are a humane society today.  This is not a joke and I am very serious about what I am saying.  To who does the Congress stand accountable?  And I am certain there are other ways of dealing with traders than simply voting them out.


Hell a young man who knew no better joins the Army and they destroy his life before it starts for a simple act of disobedience.  Most certainly elected official stands to a higher standard than that a little kid trying to escape oppression by joining the military.   We even hear about Presidents being impeached, before their term of service is up, should not Congressman be held accountable for their actions.  Hell we have RICO for the Mafia, I mean mobsters cannot conspire against the government.  Does that mean the Congress or the American people?  Who can they not conspire against.  So how can the Congress conspire against the American people and talk about shutdowns?


Is the Congress actually above the law?  Can they vote anyway they please about the livelihood of over a hundred of million of Americans? How can this be in a democracy?  Because from the look of things the Congress is not accountable for their actions, they can simply do as they please or choose to do nothing at all and all we can do is wait to the next elections?


All this mayhem going on in America.  People killing kids at schools, at the movies and now at Navy Yards, all to make a point.  “I am unhappy with America.”  But it seems like the Congress are untouchables. They are the culprits to all this chaos, but nobody seems to make them accountable for what they are doing to America as a whole.  But they are only 535 strong.  Their faces are all over the internet and their names are printed in large letters for everyone to see.  But because they are our law makers, they are honored, revered and overlooked by the disgruntled, who give up on life.


I say let them shutdown the government.  Force 101 million people to make a choice on starving or fighting back. Force another 62 million into homelessness, stop the check of the fighting men and women in uniform.  And stop law enforcement and all the other government agencies.  And what will you have, “Anarchy.”  And nobody will be safe, especially the Congress of the United States of America


And sooner or later someone who is tired of all this worrying about their fate into the next day, sooner or later someone who is tired of the poor living conditions that are not even stable and secure as it is being taken from them from an uncaring Congressman.  Someday someone will wise up and vent their anger in a direction where it will produce a change in heart by those who are causing us all this hell.  And the target will not be a little kid going to school or a person  going to work just to make ends meet or to a movie for some relaxation, but at the people who care less about them and is causing all this mayhem.

“I Do Not Think the Congress is Bulletproof.”


They just have respect they don’t deserve.  Which is an illusion among Americans that can wear off.  The Congress is not above the law and they have a responsibility to the American people. And to not carryout their responsibility out is an act of treason.  And a treasonous should be dealt with accordingly.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


Thank God for the Mafia

Paul in limo

Thank God for the Mafia

The question: Is America an extortionist, foolish or both? When a new jack moves into the neighborhood, with the American hopes and dreams, the old Mafia would determine if he could be an earner and if so, protect him for a fee. But they called this extortion, even if the government couldn’t protect this inspired up and coming businessman, who simply wanted a piece of the American pie. But today we are bigger than Microsoft, IBM and GM all put together, because own them. And now the neighborhoods of America are in shambles, because they are ran by unorganized kids out of control and the government does not know what to do. Where is the Mafia? They ask!

On the other hand, when a man becomes a head of a political party and they become the controller of a whole nation, America sends them arms, calls them allies and becomes a threat to anyone who tries to move in on this sovereign nation and we call this national security. Do you see the hypocrisy? And now America is in huge amounts of debts and actually doesn’t even know who they owe. But you take a guess?

America finds interest in the production process of whole nations and if a nation can produce, they protect them, but not for the interest of the American people and this is her mistake. America protects nations who have assets, such as oil in the middle east or labor pools in third world nations across the globe, that can produce products cheaply, for the interest of big corporations. But the good ole big corporate America sold out the American people for these exact reasons, oil overseas and cheap labor markets.

Meanwhile this war machine in America operates based on tax revenues, which many big corporations tend to avoid paying. So a lot of these tax revenues depend on middle class Americans, who are disappearing from existence as I write, because of these cheap labor resources. And America will not and can not tax these foreign nations, we protect for our national security interest, which are foreign assets, because we are robbing them from the start in the name of big corporate America, who are often the special interest lobbyist of most long term successful politicians who are our law makers and policy architects.

See America cannot get paid for its protection and must support those they protect on the contrary, because these nations have a poor citizenship base in most cases or America is out to try and buy friends, like Israel. We cannot charge them because they cannot afford to pay us, as many of them work for a plate of food. But America claims to be the moral leaders of the world and how can that be? How can we be moral leaders of the world, when we enforce slavery and cheap labor for the profits of a handful of rich people who manipulate the poor for a living; meanwhile the people who support this war machine also suffers in the worst economy since the great depression?

The question I posed was , is America extortionist, foolish or both? America is both an extortionist and a fool. See the Mafia help those who they protected to become prosperous and got paid for their work as protectors in the process, which allowed for reinvestment. And America claims to protect the America people, but in reality America protects big corporate interest and not the interest of the American people. So while America gives its citizens its ass to kiss, big corporate America which is now an international conglomerate, gives America their asses to kiss. All I can say is thank God for the Mafia! Because the old money has become the new money of a different family or group. The names may be the same in some cases, but the real players have changed. Thank God for the Mafia!

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

The Making of a True Mafia Dom

Paul in limo

The Making of a True Mafia Dom

I tell you the truth when I say this, the Dom is the Son of Man and therefore he is the Word of God, the true Dom that is.  On his day all accounts will be settled and all debts will be paid in full.  And there can be no preconceived notions concerning him. For the true mission of the Mafia since the 1960’s was the fulfillment of Bible prophesy and what people see happening today before them in these last days is our works.

The family is his true companion.  They are faithful to him and understand without confusion that being faithful in a spiritual sense of the word, means to be loyal.  People think if a woman is monogamist, this means she is faithful and this is not true.  Hell if push comes to shove, she might have to sell herself, so how is faithful being monogamist?   Sometimes you have to sleep with the enemy to gain their trust.  A woman is faithful only if she is loyal to her companion or her man.  And a real mafia Dom knows that sex is overrated, because it is not about honey it is about currency and with currency comes control and sex if needed and not the other way around.

A Mafia Dom does not love with his emotions, because he knows this is usually infatuation.  He loves through his actions, because love is an action word.  Because what you feel becomes felt and that can change, but what you did becomes what was you have done and that cannot change and love is everlasting and not in the moment.  Understand that infatuation can cloud one’s good judgment and make a fool out of you, because it is a feeling and true love is not a feeling, it not an emotion it is an action.

A Mafia Dom has to learn to love his flock, because they depend on him.  Therefore he must be dependable and do what is right for the whole body.  He cannot allow relationships and especially sexual relationships to get between him and his made men, because this can be a fatal error and cause the him his demise due to jealousy.  Always his family must come first and any woman who becomes his companion must accept this subservient position of  existence, time and space. Her duty is the serve the King and not the other way around and for that she will be rewarded.  Because a Mafia Dom is an institution even greater than the President of the United States of America.  He rules the world and is over every prestigious institution on earth and beyond, to include the Illuminati.  He is the Son of God!  His men knows this in their hearts, minds and as one spirit they are united and he is at the head of them.

When it comes to a Mafia Dom their can be no God before him, their can be no mediator other than him.  A true made man does not pray to another God, but has faith in the Dom, whom he lives for to serve his family in Christ.  The Mafia is not into fantasy dreams and false religions, because we are above the law and not below it, for in Christ is reality.  We are the enlightened and not those who dwindle into darkness having faith in something we do not understand and always searching and never finding light.  We are of understanding and true love is in our community works and acts of brotherly love.

I tell you the truth, the making of a Dom can be a lonely path until the day of the Lord.  But he knows that all of his lonely days will seem like one day in heaven and his time on top of the world will seem like eternity.  Because the Dom lives for his day and everyday alone is a day of rehearsal. He practices his crafts and learns from his each and every experience that he may be a just leader and wise teacher of righteousness.  And he knows the masses have been brainwashed to think he is evil, in a world whereby good is evil and evil is good.  He know the masses have been brainwashed to believe in the Bible and not in the Son of Man.  As the foolish masses say “I believe every word in the Bible.”  Whereby even the Bible teaches you not to believe everything you read. He knows he will lead a land of lost souls and not everyone will make it in his kingdom.  Because it can be lonely on top and lonely in the light among darkness  He knows we did what we had to do to overcome the evil ones, for the means will justify the end.  For it was by his instructions that led us and he is without sin.  Do you understand what I just said?

This is a letter to my true brothers in Christ, I am talking about the loyal few that are still waiting for the big day to come.  Know that the time is soon and know he will return to New York City to begin our final preparations in these last day.  I love you all as one in myself, the time is close and getting closer with acceleration each and every day.

Keep the faith.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

A Divided Kingdom Will Fall

 Paul in Avon Park, FL

A Divided Kingdom Will Fall

There can be but one boss of bosses and in a family there can be but one head to the household. Ultimately the boss has the last word, sure there can be a democracy in the decision making process, but at the end, someone will take the credit for the success or the blame for the organization as a whole. Therefore someone must have the right to make the final decision, which may not always result in a democratic vote. Because at some point the buck must stop or the whole craft my well fall due to an error, like a divided kingdom and too many will fall as a result of this. Though the boss is the last to fall, sometimes for the good of the many he has to take the fall, but his fall is his call.

A Dom should have a support network that extends to his home, because he does not need unwarranted distractions. A boss should have peace of mind and peace in his house and if he is the head of the Family of made men, most certainly he must be the head of a family of a woman and children. If the household does not support him, he must at some point count his losses, because his responsibility is much bigger than his personal stake, as a Dom he is responsible of the Kingdom of made men. And for a Dom there is nothing worst than a bickering companion, because this will make him make an error in judgment that can cause the lives and livelihood of the many. Understand that many divided kingdoms are a result of errors in judgment, which may not have anything to do with business, but are often a result of personal dramas in the home.

The family must be one unit or one body, but there are many parts to a body of made men. Just as there is a head, there are hands, nothing in the body knows what to do without the head. But even the head cannot survive without the heart, now can it? Though the head is important it cannot live alone without the assistance of certain parts of the body, yet certain parts of the body can be cut for the good of the whole. A head that thinks he can function by himself is a arrogant fool and he will be the leader of a few fools adding up to nothing relevant. Therefore a leader who says he needs no one to lead is a liar or a fool. Just as a chief needs a tribe and Dom needs made men to operate and function.

And I warn you all, the mouth can make you or break you. See many fools think it is about what you eat. “I do not eat pork” they say or “I do not eat beef” they say “I am a vegetarian.” But the key to eating is to eat in moderation, too much of anything will kill you. But the key to your mouth is not what goes into it, but what comes out of it. A sign of a dirty mouth is not stink breath, because a dentist can fix that, the sign of a dirty mouth is foul language. Do you not know that what you say can destroy you. A wise person is quick to listen and slow to speak, because what you say you can never take back. When you offend someone with your dirty mouth, he may forgive you, but he will never forget what you said.

Sure it is true to say that often though the truth hurts, the truth can sometimes bring about corrective actions. But distorted versions of your reality, may not actually be the truth. I was taught as a child, when I started drinking about a drunk. See because I got drunk, I understood what was being taught to me by my father. He said, “Anger is like a drunk, when you get angry you make mistakes due to poor judgment.” People tend to say things they should not say as a result of getting angry and like alcohol, sometimes it acts as a truth serum. So an angry person should be even more cautious than a sober person and a sober person knows to be quick to listen and slow to speak. This applies double to someone under the influence of alcohol and drugs of any sorts.

But understand that a sober mind take time to develop sometimes. It took me almost 15 years to develop a sober mind, because I was active for almost 15 years. I was in my 30’s before I understood clarity. People think because they did not drink for a day or two they are sober. But in reality their mind’s are not clear, because often people drank for an effect for many year to not deal with a problem associated with their psyche. And this problem can become suppressed by constant alcohol and drug use and activities and for a whole lifetime can go un dealt with. This is not a sober mind, because remember anger is like a drunk and until a person deals with whatever is bothering them, they are actually not of sound mind and body.

To make a contract you must be of sound mind and body. A contract is a commitment. No man can be committed to anything unless he is sober first. It is for this reason that made men should not be actively involved in drunkard ness and drug abuse. If a person has an alcohol or drug problem he should first seek help before his induction, because in the absence of this his word is not bondable. “Your word is your bond,” but a drunk has nothing wise to say.

I am telling you this from experience. I was once blind but now I can see, I was lost but now I am found. All these things are words of wisdom and keys to good leadership. And all made men must have leadership qualities, because you never know what might happen and your number may be called to do big things. Understand this thing is bigger than any one man. Understanding this message will unconcealed the causes of division. And understand that the decisions you make should be for a cause greater than yourself and for the greatness of the Kingdom as a whole.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano