God Revealed my Stage in Life

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God Revealed my Stage in Life


By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones – aka Apostle Paul Castellano


I was blind and now I can see.  I know my stage in life. I know why I was sent to Avon Park, Florida.  And therefore I understand what is going on around me and why.  The secret behind my message and why I can say things no one else can dare say without the expectations of assassination attempts, is because I AM.  They know it but you cannot seem to see it.


My life was designed in parallel to the bible and actually I do not read the bible much, because I am too busy living it and sharing what I found out.   I Usually I read it only refer to it to confirm what is transpiring in my life at a certain giving time. This is my way of walking by faith, by allowing the spirit to dictate my decisions  and not the opinion of another man’s confused views. My life cannot lie!


Why?  Because it begun with me, in  that what is going on in the world today and it about to happen we really panned this out.  I am simply playing out my life and my faith if you understand what faith truly is based on a vision I had that was spiritual given.  But your faith is really about your ability to believe in someone else’s vision and not your own.   Everything of Faith is based on a vision. It is something that didn’t happen already, but you believe will happen if you walk accordingly based on a set of instructions.  If you never received any instructions, is what you call faith actually fantasy? To have faith in a disorderly operation has to be spiritually based. And the average Joe claiming the spirit knows they are liars.


My future home will be in Highlands County, Florida and not New York City.  Therefore my Family from New York City will reside here and it will act as our headquarters location. A lot of money will start being invested here. Property ownership will change.  It has already begun on Main Street.  Money is being invested their as I write.  And there are over 45 businesses in negotiations of expansion into this area and more will follow. And of course, there will be the positioning of who control the marijuana crops, its distribution and sales.  A potential $80 billion business nationwide.


I know that people are questioning my morals, for being opening in a relationship with NaQuila L. Hardy while unmarried and how can I explain my arguments as to my being married to Janet DJ Jackson?  Part of my problem adjusting to what was happening in my life, was my own ignorance to the reality that this is spoken about in the bible, but only can be explained in detail by me and the person (s)  being spoken of.


First of all, Janet DJ Jackson symbolizes the Jews throughout my writings about her. If you understand the bible, you know that the Jews rejected Jesus Christ and thought they could get him killed. What I am going to prove, is that our lord and Savior never stopped loving the Jews, but never gave them fools such power.  If I give up on Janet Jackson, it would mean my giving up on  the African Americans (Jews). And I do not think the people most convinced that I am crazy really want the consequences that will go along with such a decision.


21 When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.”


24 But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out Demons.”


Black folk’s simply do not know when they reject me and call me names such as crazy, it isn’t Christians rejecting me, it is the Jews as explained in the bible. The fact of the matter is that the Mafia headed by The Gambino Crime Family is and has always been my most loyal (they got my back) and they are who represent the Gentiles.  People like Bill Gates and (the many new billionaires with Foundations to help the poor) are my loyal Gentiles. And these are the people in custody of my money.


The old money the Illuminati like the Rockefellers and the 13 Families of the Illuminati to paint a picture of Satan to you, are in their last days of ruler ship, because we took most of their money any from them and placed it in custody of whom we decided are appropriate.  Had I gave to the African American’s, they would have given it back or they would have knocked them off, they are loyal servants of Satan and do not know it.


NaQuila is in the bible or someone will come into my life in a similar manner. And mention this because I know this is a huge stumbling for the so-called Christians who believe in not judging, but all they do is judge based on confusion a chaos. How can you judge someone else and not even know who you are?



Read: Luke: 7:37 – 47:


37: A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. 38As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.


If you understand the facts, you will understand first of all Jesus is the King of the Jews. Secondly Jews are not bound by these restrictions place upon Christians.  We were never bound by monogamist  traditions, culture or laws. This is the European lie that caused the black family to become what it is today. The Black Family is Divided!  Why? Because we are trying to act like we are white, we think we are the white man in the bible who serves the lord, when we are in fact the one’s that hate him most and therefore are victim of self hatred.


The reason why so many black men have so many different women as baby mommas all over town who cannot be self supporting or function as a family to survive as a union of strength is because we believe in the white lie on monogamy among men, but know we cannot help ourselves.


It is not Jewish nature to be bound to one woman to be without a woman. But Jews (so-called Christians) will say they are sinners based on this reality or Godly need, but the true nature before their fall into slavery is and was polygamy for those who choose it.  And therefore the black family will forever be divided as long as we pretend this is sin and not our true and Godly nature. Especially in a world whereby it is designed to make black women bread winners of their male counterpart.


The Conclusion I have a right as the Son of Man, as Jew and especially as the Kings of all Kings to sleep with who and wherever choose. No man of earth has the authority to enter me into wedlock even if I considered this.  And until NaQuila meets Apostle Paul Castellano, whereby every thought becomes know, I the Rev. Frank Paul Jones in my current state cannot tell you the future.


But the m oral to this story is this; when the black man in America wakes up and realizes who he is and what are his Godly nature and accept it, not until then will the black community develop into a community based on the great African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  When so-called Christians preachers read this scripture that judged then and judge now. But never asking what was this woman of sin and why was she weeping. And never looking at the condition of our community today. But never inquiring as to why she was weeping.


The house was Worshipful Master Eston Roberts house, where I live today. My home has not been built yet.


What happened was a woman in need came to my home. But everyone in the community was judgmental towards her, always judging and never trying to figure out how they could help her.  But as you put it a sinner stranger took her in, whereby in the whole town of Christians nobody gave her another option.  And the problem is there are too many women in the black community crying in distress, while nobody wants to answer the call but forever judging.


Now come Operation Solution and Response.  The question is with who?


Rev. Frank Paul Jones – aka Apostle Paul Castellano


Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Donald Sterling Dispute Resolution

Magic and Donald

Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Donald Sterling Dispute Resolution

First of all, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has been with us since the beginning of his Los Angeles Lakers career. I set him up to look like a child molester in the eyes of a 13 year old girl named Janet Jackson around May of 1980 while he was in LA for the Lakers, so that she would want to and would give birth have to a child and for other reasons as well. For this I owed him. His great career and miraculous recovery from his knee injury, was inspired by God.

The Fact Behind Magic HIV positive status:

We created the AIDS virus in the winter of 1976-77 in Germany under the direction of then CIA Director George H. W. Bush and it as later released by the Reagan Administration into the world around 1981.

In 1989 we developed a cure to AIDS, however, it was never released by the United States Government in partnership with the Gambino Family under leadership of Apostle Paul Castellano and the enforcement of Dom John J. Gotti.

Magic Johnson was injected with the AIDS virus by our direction, when he went overseas for some event to play basketball. The L.A. Lakers coach Pat Riley instructed him to take some shots and he trusted Pat Riley. This destroyed the remaining years in his career and embarrassed him due to the misunderstanding of this disease and how it evolved but he had a higher calling for us. We later cured him of the virus that causes AIDS to proved to the government that we cured the disease in 1989. It was for this reason we gave him this dreadful disease, we knew we could cure him when we made him sick, but we had to prove it is curable and we control this medication.

This made him a real community leader and a spokesman for the pharmaceuticals industry and a spokesmen for many AIDS causes. This made him more money than he could have ever made playing basketball at that time. And what his life evolved into is much more meaningful. So Donald Sterling was wrong about Magic getting AIDS by screwing women all over the country as a NBA basketball player, but in fact he was used by God to help a lot of people who would later suffer and even die due to this dreadful disease place upon mankind. And he has done wonderful things within the black community and now with the help of Donald Sterling we will be able to at least double his efforts.

This is my position for the above reasons:

1: Donald Sterling will apologized to Earvin “Magic” Johnson in private first and in public secondly.

2: Donald Sterling will agree to sell his NBA franchise, with these conditions included.

A) As a result of forfeiture of his ownership of this NBA franchise the L.A. Clippers, his lifetime ban to not attend NBA basketball games be lifted. He is too old to alienated, but I think the NBA has to be concerned with his health as a result of the sale of his team. I think the NBA should show some compassion.

B) Donald Sterling agrees to a selling his team for a minimum of the current value and no more than $1 Billion.

C) The buyer be required to pay cash without taking a loan and therefore must have net assets to afford a basketball team as a discretionary investment used as tax write-offs.

D) Donald Sterling and Earvin “Magic” Johnson join in partnership to do community work. Donald Sterling stated he wants to do more for minorities and he wants Earvin “Magic” Johnson to accept his help. And Earvin “Magic” Johnson said he is a God fearing man, who devoted his life’s work to serving Urban America.

If Donald Sterling is sincere my decision will seem to be a blessing to him, but if he is not being real it will seem like punishment. Donald Sterling will donate all the profits made from the sale of the L.A. Clippers, which could be about $1 Billion and whatever Donald Sterling comes up with, I want Earvin “Magic” Johnson to match thru his network. I want them to agree on a plan and I think we need to think outside the box to create a nationwide food distribution system that will empower black communities to share in the food industry and create at least 30,000 to 50,000 jobs in the process.

The idea is to own farms, trucks, and retail establishments to deliver our products, be it fast food or supermarkets, which must be determined based on analysis and research. And for this to work Earvin “Magic” Johnson has to expand is duty to man to rural areas like Avon Park, Fl., and Highlands County. You cannot feed urban America with rural America as our source to food products.

E) Invest at least $100 million in the marijuana industry. And us the profits from this product for non profit charities and support.

Rev. Frank Paul Jones – aka Apostle Paul Castellano

Highlands Today Clarified False Statement Against Frank Paul Jones

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Highlands Today Clarified False Statement Against Frank Paul Jones


In a libelous article written by Paul Catala of the Highlands Today Newspaper located in Highlands   County, Florida, they made false statements about me. They said I was charged with stalking Janet Jackson and went to prison for threatening President George H. W. Bush, Michael J. Jackson and John J. Gotti. These statements was false and the news journalist Paul Catala found this misinformation on the world wide web, instead of doing investigative reporting. The internet is full of lies about me.


They (The Highlands Today) did a clarification on February 11th about 12 days later saying to the effect that the charges were dropped and because of this I was never charged, but the fact of the matter is that there were never any charges to be dropped. They stood behind their story about me going to prison for those other threats, but clarified why I actually was convicted. So I guess people who read this article in the future will know the truth if you read between the lines, so they did enough to make themselves happy I guess, but libel was still committed against me in my humble opinion.


Highlands Today is operated under the Tampa Tribune, who is owned by Revolution Capital Group who is a $1.1 Trillion investment firm, who probably have lawyers out of this world. So a lawsuit isn’t really an option, because finding a lawyer to take this case is probably not going to happen, because the damages would not satisfy the expenses to go up against them.   So I guess I just have to be happy with what I got out of them and settle for this clarification, which I feel is short of a full retraction and apology on the front page, like the article was placed.


I guess in a way this is the beginning of the truth being told about me, because for many years people picked at me calling me a stalker and claiming I went to Janet Jackson’s house harassing her. This was a lie from the beginning told by her brother Jermaine Jackson to destroy my creditability and character. If people believed these lies and now know they are lies from the clarification by Highlands Today, they should now wonder why these lies were told to begin with.  And I just told you why. And if you believe me or not, you should now wonder why he wanted to destroy my name if I was just a nutcase.


Head of Avon Park Outreach Group Tries to Move Forward

In the Highlands Today Newspaper


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Frank Paul Jones

President and CEO – The NCNCHINC

The Truth About Paul Castellano and Michael J. Jackson

Frank Paul Jones as a solider

Michael JacksonThe Truth About Paul Castellano and Michael J. Jackson

I am about to reveal some truths never revealed before, to prepare my flock for what is to come soon. My flock expands throughout the land from New York City to Los Angeles, California and beyond these boundaries.  And you will understand how Michael J. Jackson and the Jackson family played an intricate role in what has come to pass.

When I was 16 years old, I was worth $20 million. Dom Carlo Gambino left this for me, but I didn’t cash in, instead I started doing covert operations for the military at age 17. This article is not about my military service, but at age 30 after my service to country, I was worth $500 million and did not cash in again and this is where Michael Jackson fits in.

Half of his estate belongs to me. The question now is did he get killed or faked his death? But understand the truth being revealed is that I didn’t cash in, so though I raised hell with Michael J. Jackson, John J. Gotti and President George H.W. Bush with threats of killing people about this non payment of this money, it was all a front, because I chose not to get paid to finish my mission and I felt if I was rich and those who I came to save were poor, they would not receive me well.  It was imperative and still is that my people love and respect me on my day or I will have gain nothing. Therefore I or my associates and friends had no reason to harm Michael J. Jackson, because he was loyal for not paying me.  And his death put his estate back into the green, so I still wonder about him. His dying was good for business, especially if it was faked like John J. Gotti’s death.

Also I want to clarify something, when I went to California and got arrested and convicted  and Janet Jackson turned me in to the FEDS, it was because she was supposed to do this, it was a covert operation that came down from the White House and the Bush Administration. I went there to organized the Crips. What the White House had to do with this?  When I threatened President Bush, I was sent to Saint Elizabeth Hospital for 16 days, at which time I was briefed by the Secret Service on Crips and Bloods operations in California, but at the time the government didn’t know much about them, as I found out by them. So even Janet Jackson was loyal and did what she was programmed to do, I wasn’t the only one put under hypnosis in July 1989.

After Michael died in 2009 my court records got released yet they were sealed. This wasn’t supposed to happen.  I probably was against the law.  A lot o personal information got released and I was made out to seem more crazier than I was already depicted as.  They called me a stalker and everything else again.  This is because I and the FBI was always at odds. I always had good connections with the Secret Service, CIA and DOD, but was never in bed with the FBI, who has been investigating me since the John J. Gotti trial and probably before then. But though the FBI put me under legal scrutiny they couldn’t do much to me, because of the Secret Service, CIA and DOD. It wasn’t until recently that I clarified things with the FBI director Robert Mueller, who thought he could put me away last year. He has since been replaced by James B. Comey on September 4th, 2013. Hopefully now my problems with the FBI are solved. FBI director Robert Mueller arrived just before 9/11 and for this reason he should have praised me, because we prevented a nuclear holocaust in New York City.

To think I had a beef with Michael J. Jackson was to bark up the wrong tree due to misinformation. This is why when they (The FBI) told Michael J. Jackson about my threats against him, he was not alarmed at all and did not  pressed charges against me, only to make them go after him harder in an attempt to screw me as well, because my money was tied up in his estate. So to take him down would also have hurt me.

I know a lot of Michael J. Jackson’s fans think ill of me, but they seemed to not give Michael enough credit for handling his own affairs. They wanted to protect Michael from me and people like me, who they depicted as a nut case, yet Michael himself had no problems with me or ever voiced discontent concerning me. This is because they bought in on the idea that Michael was a little boy in a man’s body and not a very intelligent business man, who took care of business well. If I was crazy and a stalker and a threat to Michael, don’t you know he would have had the key thrown any on me? The FBI gave him the opportunity.

Now there were record companies who had problems with Michael and he voiced discontent about them and people like Tommy Motolla. Michael was taking ownership of a Beatles and other catalogs worth a lot of money, but the FBI didn’t seem to take that lead into consideration and you have to ask why.  Why they went through all that trouble to investigate me, someone who is supposed to be crazy but was of no concern of Michael J. Jackson, yet he himself told the world his life was in jeopardy because of his business dealings, but the FBI didn’t take the lead on this?  He never said he felt threatened by me, he said he felt threatened by Tommy Motolla, he said he felt threatened because of those copyrights he owned and was taking ownership of, which is half mines, so why would I want to hurt him? Michael J. Jackson and Paul Castellano are partners.

The truth about Michael J. Jackson will come to pass and all accounts will be settled. Now I am going to tell you how this works. I am a forgiving dude. People do wrong by me and I almost always forgive them. But John J. Gotti, he doesn’t forgive people especially once I do.   He is like the General of my Army and I am like the Son. On my day, I must forgive all who trespassed against me, but he will not and all accounts will be settled. And if Michael was murdered the culprits will wish they were never born, because generations will pay for this.

However, the real secret that we all have to look forward to is my last enemy which is death. I do not know how it will all happen other than my next major job will be to break the code of the DNA, in an attempt to slow down, stop or even reverse the aging process in mankind. So even though I gave up a natural life to fulfill my mission, what have I really lost?  I know I was born to suffer and so I did, with these expectations in life, but I know how a memory works. You can remember a lifetime in a matter of moments. I know because I did it in May 1990, when I remembered who I was. So all of this suffering will seem like one day in time.  All I can tell you was Paul Castellano who I am said, we will extend the life expectancy of mankind to 150 years and when we do this we will have plenty of time to even extend it more. The current promise in scripture is 70 years and I am 54 going on 55, so anyway you look at it the time is near. And from the look of things, I think it will be much sooner that 2029 which is when I make 70 years old. I just know this because John J. Gotti plans to be there and he would be 89 years old then. And things are starting to happen like I planned they would as signs of my day to come.


MST Untreated Stole My Life


MST Untreated Stole My Life

For many years I was traumatized due to a military sexual assault, the illness is called MST or military sexual trauma.  I really never dealt with it, but simply allowed my life to deteriorate, while one thing led to another in a self destructive pattern. I recently enrolled in MST therapy through the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and for the first time since the assault occurred I am being proactive in addressing the underlying problems associated with this by actually looking into how it really effected me.

My goal is to obtain a better quality of life and to be successful in gaining service connected disability. I feel that this assault destroyed my life because as a result of it, I halted in development, I stopped growing, in fact, I became insecure  and became worst. And instead of the VA treating my true illness they chose to treat a mere symptom which was “delusional schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,” because they were only concerned with denying me service connected disability they did not address MST and as a result over 24 years have passed by, while it went untreated and I am now 54 years old and have a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Now for the first time I was ask how did the assault effect me and as a result for the first time I actually thought about it in detail and that is the nature of this letter.

I never understood what Paul Castellano meant by saying to Rev. Jesse Jackson he has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.”  Why? Because I was never challenged by anyone to think about it.

First of all, I truly believe that everything that happened in my life was for a reason, to include the late decision by the VA to treat me for MST.  Sure I probably would have had a full life had we did it sooner, but still better late than never.

To say I had to know is talking about knowledge of something and what I had to overcome was the traumatic effect as a result of the knowledge.  I had to know homosexuality or the act of homosexuality inflicted upon me “an assault” and had to overcome whatever happened to my psyche as a result of it.  And because I was not homosexual it was a traumatic experience, because in reality my manhood was taken from me and I will explain.

One of the worst things you can do to a straight man is have another man  rape him. As a result I felt fear, I was afraid to even go to sleep night.  One time I stayed up for about three months.  Because of being raped I begun to hate alcohol, I feared its effects, though I still abused it, because it made me vulnerable and subject to another assault. So while I was afraid to sleep I needed a sedative to put me under. I could not sleep on my own, without the help of a drug and still cannot. I still cannot sleep without medications to assist me.

Soon after I was raped, I realized I was naked as did Adam, which makes me wonder what was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Soon after I got raped I did not feel comfortable taking a shower with other men, which was a requirement in the Army in Germany, because we lived in old style barracks. And I became ashamed of my body and I felt violated and inadequate.  And though I have reason to believe Paul Castellano killed those who conspired to rape me, there was never a sense of closing. I never had closure, because one thing led to another  in a constant self destructive pattern in my life.

Soon after I got out of the military during that enlistment, I drank everyday and made my father promise not to enter into my bedroom while I was asleep, in fear he would hurt me. But I am sure he checked on me to make sure I was OK.  Because at the time he was the only person that I told about I being raped while in Germany. And when I showed him a picture of the people responsible for my assault with their social security numbers on it and said one day I will find them and kill them, he tore up the picture and said “they are already dead.”  It was years later before I even had a flash of their killings. Still until this day I do not remember it all, but only in parts can I remember that night Paul Castellano killed them.

I think John J. Gotti set me up to be assaulted, because I had to know and overcome it and to get even with me. He too was setup while in prison in his younger years and also that man who did him died a horrible death.  But he made it difficult for me to overcome it.  Because now that I think about it Janet Jackson was never for me, but worked for the Mafia and him.

See Janet was used to control me for many years. My relationship with her went back to when I was 16 years old an d she was about 9.  I was hypnotized and tricked into loving her from the beginning and to feel a sense of debt to her. I felt I owed her my love, because of all these bad things I did to her “allegedly”. And as a result of my love for her, the Mafia controlled me. She was never  really my true mate, but was a tool they used to get me to do the many things I did for them. And John J. Gotti told me, “you have to get over her.” Just like I had to get over the assault and had to get over Janet, because she never was for me to begin with. He said I could never be a Dom and be obsessed over her, who was never worthy of my love. But after years and years of this, I found it hard to let go, yet I knew I had to someday.

The sexual assault coupled with a hypnotically induced obsession over Janet Jackson, brought about my long term deterioration. First of all, I was suffering with MST which was going untreated for many years.  Meaning the feelings of fear, insecurity, inadequacy, shame and guilt  to name a few was coupled with an illusionary relationship diagnosed as delusion. And I was preoccupied with the fact that I knew it was true (my associations with her) that I overlooked the fundamental element (fact), which was that she used me to gain the world, never intending to share it with me. She never really cared about me from the beginning.

As a result, I further melted down by disassociating myself with people who cared about me, always worrying about her. I was actually faithful to her for about 10 years, going without sex. Because my believed relations with her was upheld by me being a victim of MST. I see it now as a setup, Janet Jackson was used against me so effectively only because I was already traumatized by a sexual assault, in the military. She in fact was my escape as well as distraction from dealing with my underlying problems associated with MST. And the VA failed me, because had they never addressed my real problem, because I would have gain service connected disability and/or recovered from this traumatic experience.  And because Paul Castellano killed those men, I was accused of destroying a covert unit. But it was centered around me anyway and they dishonored me by allowing this rape to take place and then covering it up as if it n ever happened.

A better quality of life for me, would include some material things, like a better car to drive, my house being renovated, eating quality foods like good steaks ore often, my recording studio being upgraded and updated and the tools to get our non profit organization of the ground, because my non profit organization give me a reason to wakeup each day.

But I know in my heart, now that I am pondering and reflecting on my past and how I got to where I am today in mind, body and spirit. For me to enjoy these things and truly benefit from them, I need peace of mind. I need a true understanding of myself that is consistent with the directions I want to go with the remainder of my life.  I need closure concerning this traumatic event coupled with illusions that controlled my life for over 25 years.

From: The Screenplay “The Apostle.”


Staff Sergeant Winston who was my KEY arranged a meeting with me and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Who are you?

Frank Paul Jones was in the process of becoming Paul Castellano, right before Rev. Jackson.


I am afraid; they are going to kill me.
Then Paul Castellano started laughing, saying Frank Paul Jones is a baby, and he wasn’t that body he just resides in it.


Why you let them do what they did to Paul.


He has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.


What are you going to do to the people responsible for this?


What do you suggest?


They must die.


You are right and I assume you are afraid for your life as well, but you will be all right, it’s all a part of the Master Plan.
The decision was made to protect Jesse, because he had a strong Presidential campaign and the decision was made to handle the people who raped Paul.


I don’t remember the last day in Germany of this tour. All I remember was being with a prostitute in Frankfurt, who told me I had to return to Swhweinfurt to resolve this situation, then I saw Staff Sergeant Winston who said, there he goes, and then later on that night I remember sweating on top of the same prostitute, and she said, now you can go home.

From the <st1:translation_smarttag_15>NIV Holy Bible:

Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”


10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”


11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”


12 The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”


13 Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

Frank Paul Jones

Idealistic Expectations May Add to Veterans Suicide Rate


Idealistic Expectations May Add to Veterans Suicide Rate

I am a blogger, because I enjoy writing and sharing my views.  I have been at it for a few years now about 5 years altogether. Cumulatively I got about 1,000,000 reads altogether or an average of about 200,000 per year, which is not bad at all.  It started out as basically stories about Janet Jackson, her siblings and my associations with them and I wrote about other entertainers to include Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys to name a few.  I also used to talk a lot about my life in the military (covert operations) and my Mafia connections with John J. Gotti and a lot of it was my search for answers as to what happened to me in 1989 (the integration), when I learned the truth about my identity and adventures that brought me to where I am at today.

However, recently I got a little more into issues concerning others and not necessarily myself.  I felt I told my story and it is now history assessable on the world wide web, by simply goggling Frank Paul Gambino or Frank Paul Jones, which I made synonymous on Google.  My reads went down as I stopped talking about celebrities as much and started dealing with everyday people.  Though I still have a following, they are mostly my hardcore readers, it is nothing like it was in the past.  And for now I am cool with that. Which brings me to the subject I am writing about today, which is the returning veterans suicide rate.

Statistics state that about 22 veterans are committing suicide on the average each day.  That is over 8,000 young people every year losing their lives by self inflicted wounds. As I write articles against us going to war again in the middle east in Syria this time, I found myself offending a person in uniform over there in Afghanistan. I was called things outside of my name in personal letters received on my CNN iReporter profile inbox, from this person in uniform.  I was called a “coward” and an “ignorant f**k,” for my anti wars stances.  I was disturb by this, because it brought about a realization.  These kids think they are doing something good and deserve to be rewarded for their service to country.

I agree that veterans deserve to be rewarded for service to country, every veteran deserves their VA benefits to include a job when they come home, educational benefits to continue their education, medical benefits for life, life insurance until they can get their own insurance policies, a home loan and so forth.  But they want to come home to a parade, they want to be able to solute the President of the United States of America and they want to feel appreciated for their work overseas. And this is something the American people do not see them fit to be given to them.   Many of our young veterans feel dishonored by the America people, they feel alienated and left out, it is a lonely feeling, I know about as a result of my own adventures in life.  Not being able to talk about things to disinterested people, who simply do not understand. I found my relief in blogging.

This young troop told me about the good they have done over in Afghanistan, the schools they built and clinics they built and went as far as to say, I have faith in the people of Afghan.  That they will make their battle over there worth their while.  I responded by telling him/her, I have faith in the Lord.  However, what I realized is that they have forgotten all too quickly what they left behind before going overseas to fight another war.  Our failing schools, our prison populations, our murder rates and gun violence on the streets of urban America, our drug epidemic, our AIDS population, in fact I do not even believe they were aware of this when they joined the military or they would have enlisted for these battles we face at home, if they were truly patriotic that is.

But the fact of the matter is that most of our youth joined the military because they were seduced by unscrupulous recruiters, something even till this day Hollywood makes fun of, but it is real and no joking matter.  I know because I was seduced and was told I would become a man at 17 years old.  My youth was in fact stolen from me, coupled with mental problems.  It isn’t until the military brainwashes them into this false perception of patriotism, that they discover they want a parade in return for their service to country and for American for roll out the red carpet but they will simply settle for due recognition, which they do not even get.

I my humble opinion, I believe the problem many of our returning soldiers experience is in their expectations.  They expect something when they return, but get nothing, not even the time of day. Why?  Because America feels we were bamboozled into both Iraq and Afghan and is tired of our the living conditions at home. And these kids as young as they are, have become tired souls and is ready to retire, when in reality by their returning home, the real war has just begun.

I think it is the psyche or the mindset of these kids that is being distorted by government and by the military, that they have idealistic and unrealistic expectations and are choosing death before dishonor by the American people.  Forgetting that they too are Americans and this war we are just beginning to fight at home is also the fight as well. Their duty is to defend us and the constitution of the United States of America, in and out of uniform.  That was their pledge to an allegiance into the armed forces.  And until they realize this fight at home is theirs as well and we all are being dishonored by our law makers the Congress of the United States of America, misguided veterans will continue to fall.  We all know they saw hell overseas and this is our argument, that they were forced into hell for no good reason. To all of our veterans I say, the war is at home in our backward and it is being fought with economics.  To be a true warrior is to stand up and fight, we need you at home, so do not give up on  us but join us.

Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

The Truth about War on Terror and the Heroin Epidemic


The Truth about War on Terror and the Heroin Epidemic

I believe our government is competent and sees well into the future, when taking hostile actions, such as going to war.  But we live in a so-called democracy and often people have different views when making a decision.  So often one administration has to fix the problems created by their predecessors  And America has some real problems ahead that must be address as soon as possible.  The Heroin epidemic is a real threat now.


I was deeply involved in covert operations with the government and mafia, for a long time.  There is a new television show called “Burned Notice,” you should watch it, because things like that really happen.  The government will use you and spit you out in a short notice.  Sure the show is fictionalized for entertainment purposes, but the fact is that sometimes covert operatives  are used and disposed of in ways designed to protect the government’s interests.  As for me, they made me out to be delusional nutcase and therefore not creditable in American society and therefore not to believed.  People simply do not believe what I say anymore to include close friends, because of my Janet Jackson escapade.  It was by design and I went along with it, with both feet in.  No matter what I tell you my cover will not be blown.


I was asked by a psychiatrist, Why does the government have to pay me and why doesn’t the mafia pay me?  If I had a lot of money, people would believe anything I say  because of that.  But if I get a crazy check, my cover would not be blown.  They did not want me to have creditability for covert reasons.  The rules of the game is I can say whatever I want to say, as long as I do not act on it.  But I am growing tired of these rules!  But I have a high code and level of discipline, this is probably why I was chosen to carry the burden of knowing the truth, not to mention my abilities.


Back in September 2001 when the WorldTradeCenter was attacked, I was having an insomnia episode, probably for a covert reason.  I stayed up for three months.  I knew what happened on the day and was reporting to the White House via fax daily out of Brooklyn New York. When the attack happened, President George W Bush, ran into a problem, his airspace was compromised.  Everywhere Air Force One flew, he was being tracked.  He would jump for bunker to bunker and everywhere he went he was being followed.


He had a conversation and like I was put under hypnosis, so was he as a child by his father.  He really believed in the God of his understanding and based on these confused beliefs, he made many decisions while in the White House.  His father George H. W. Bush, controlled the White House for almost 20 years (Reagan, his and his son’s Administrations) and he was the person who ordered me to develop what is now known as the AIDS virus in the winter of 1976-77 while in Germany, out of CIA headquarters.  And it was his father who started these wars in the Middle East that we are still  in today.


They contacted President George W. Bush in airspace and told him “I am the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.”  He being arrogant as a president and already brainwashed by his father, did not see through it. But did realized whoever it was had more power then he had.  It was his father who was behind this and John J. Gotti plotted this with my assistance, they knew he would fall for this.  Had he not gone along with it, he would have been killed and the vice president Dick Cheney would have done it, but it would have foiled the Halliburton deal which was pure corruption in government, bringing in tens of billions of dollars from these wars.  He was instructed to start these wars.  He was then safe.  I went along with it because I knew he would, I did not want him killed by any means.


However, I solved the problem with this war in November 2011.  When flight 587 went down, I instructed the White House to  put up a blockade on the Dominican   Republic.  When this happened the movements in the middle east became sporadic and uncontrolled.  They were being controlled out of that Island.  We could have ended the war in November 2011, but Michael Bloomberg and Al Sharpton broke the blockade in a private jet and freed the culprit who I believed was Rene Elizondo, who was supposed to be Janet Jackson’s live-in boyfriend, who was actually a drug kingpin and perhaps more, I was ordered not to kill him, when I went to California. Instead Tupac Shakur and Biggy Smalls got whacked as a result of that visit.  It was made to seem like a one for one East Coast – West Coast revelry.  Why is happened is another story.


Osama Bin Laden was a covert operative and was depicted as the number one enemy of the FBI who was in-charge of anti terrorism operations, overstepping the CIA, in the war against terror.  President George W. Bush did what he had to do to survive, because his father was a very powerful man with agenda to run the world and rape the United   States tax payers in the process.


Now we have all of these broken men returning from the middle east.  But America did not enter these wars with a legitimate exit plan.  And the people who profited from it are not in the White House anymore.  Sure they may return, but the fact of the matter is President Obama inherited a lot of problems and because of this his legacy is in question.  He inherited a bad economy and a war that was motivated out of greed and fear.  Those who caused it were greedy and those who carried out the mission were afraid for their lives.


Those Arabs did not just hijack those jets it was a conspiracy and it was an nuclear attempt on  New York City, but we were a step ahead of the game and sold them duds, knowing their true intent.  This is why the fire continued to burn for over 6 months, it was a nuclear candle on fire and spraying large amounts of water on it de-radiated the area, it could not put the fire out.


Now all of this money was made and the real problems are just beginning.  Now we are about to really be attacked from foreign and domestic terrorist.  We will have too many returning troops who will be veterans of foreign wars and that were told lies by the government. They are coming back to nothing, no jobs, poor healthcare, due to an overwhelmed system, a shortage on veterans benefits.  And they are addicted now to opiates disproportionately and the real drugs are about to hit the streets soon (raw heroin), making the crack epidemic of the 1980’s seem like small potatoes.  Because the people who will traffic these drugs  will be government trained killers with a grudge against the government for ruining their lives for weapons contracts and not the defense of our nation and not street thugs unorganized.  And the government cannot just simply continue to print money to get out of our economic woes, because countries like China are on to it, as they are devaluing our currency daily.  These are serious problems that has to be address by the Obama Administration and unpopular decisions must be made.


These are the problems America face in the immediate future and I am talking about this beginning within the next year, hell it already started.  These are not futuristic predictions

But current events.  It is happening before your eyes but you just was conditioned not to see it.  Shows like Graceland is being televised, showing you federal special agents (The FBI) shooting dope and telling you how good it felt.  They are grooming American society for the next heroin epidemic.  The drugs are already being stockpiled for shipment, hell they are probably already stateside awaiting its release to the general population.


Meanwhile the prisons are already overcrowded all over the country like California to include our federal correctional facilities. This is why they have to legalize marijuana, to make room for the real criminals of the state.  But money spent is already spent and the government is about spent out, because of discrimination against people of color.  The American government ruined too many innocent peoples lives out of greed and the truth is about to surface in the minds of the American people.  Because the truth of the matter is that Americans are stupid people when it comes the plights of others, but now it will be the plight of the American people at stake and we may well wakeup too late.


America is well on its way to becoming a land of lawlessness, if we are not careful.  Legalized prostitution, gambling and drugs may well become the law of the land, because there is not enough room in the prisons, personnel to incarcerate people cost money, hell the Department of Justice spends 1/3 of its dollars (budget) on prisons already fighting the war on marijuana.  So what can America do, if heroin hits the streets and masses become addicted to this highly addictive drug?  And still the cure to AIDS has not been released.  Why?  Because America will not be able to afford healthcare for all of these newly contracted AIDS victims, if intravenous drug use multiplies in American society and heroin will make a wood demon (intravenous drug addict) out of someone who fears needles.  It is that addictive!  Nobody is safe from heroin!


What is the solution/?  I am! And this is why I can wait so patiently, because they have to comeback to me sooner or later.  And later is sooner than many think!


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

The Military Ruined my Life


When I took this picture, I wondered if people could see the pain in my eyes.

The Military Ruined my Life

I was 17 year old, when I was emancipated by my father to become a solider in the United States Army. My mother passed away when I was 16 years old, she had a stroke when I was 11 years old and never fully recovered. Unlike today a stroke back then was a death sentence for many. I realize now I never really had a chance to mourn over my mother’s death.

I was a typical urban New Yorker, with an urban mentality. I wasn’t really a bad kid, but probably misunderstood by many, especially by my superiors in the military, my chain of command. When I joined the Army it was considered the old Army and a lot of guys in the military served in Vietnam. They were most certainly misunderstood by civilians by the peace movements. Vietnam wasn’t a popular war and I believe a lot of the guys that served in Vietnam were troubled prior to even putting on a uniform. Back then there was a draft, but when I joined it was the beginning of the all volunteer a Army. Whereby those who were drafted could get out and those who joined did so on their own accord, so they say. But the reality of the matter was many of the volunteers joined because of an ultimatum, go to the military or go to jail and that was the reality that was not written on the dotted lines. Joining the Army in that economy wasn’t as popular as it is today.

My father gave me my ultimatum, either go to school, get a job or get out of his apartment. By joining the Army I did all three. But I wasn’t really ready for what I got myself into. After about 8 1/2 months, I was discharged expeditiously. They said I was apathetic. My mother died just a year before I joined, I was 17 years old when I joined and all they could say was I was apathetic. However throughout my enlistment I was shown no empathy, but was constantly pressured, harassed and accused of being maladaptive. I received a general discharge under honorable conditions and received the old GI bill upon discharge. The little self esteem I had after my father’s abuse and lack of empathy, was stolen from me. I did not stop there.

When I was 21 years old, I reenlisted. I left a job as a correctional officer in the State of Florida to do this. I felt I had something to prove and I had one mission on my mind, “get a honorable discharge.” They sent me to Fort Polk Louisiana. A place where I thought I finally found a home in the U.S. Army. I was a good solider and felt I was treated fairly. There were ups and downs and there were lonely days, which is expected in the Army. Hell we stayed in the field 6 months out of the year, training for what was to come, desert warfare. But this was peace time and because of the memories of Vietnam politicians could not sell a war to the American people yet. Then came my nightmare, I was sent back to Swienfurt Germany (Bavaria).

Again I was mistreated by my Platoon Sergeant, but I could handle it. But the thing that broke me was, one night we went to town and this dude named Tally was being kicked out of the Army for selling drugs and he worked for the First Sergeant. His girlfriend came on to me and we had sex in the club, it was just a tease, but I talked about it and it got back to Tally. I did not know he loved her and thought she was just a promiscuous hooker. She was not his wife and he was going back tot he States within a week and she was playing the field. I still do not know if I did something wrong because she came on to me and all I knew was he was getting kicked out of the Army. I really did not know she was his girlfriend, she did not act like that in the club, she was all over me and he was there and said nothing about it to me.

So a dude named Ronald Washington, who was my roommate, who was a dud. Meaning like me the first time was maladaptive. I looked out for him and thought he was my friend. But he took a contract from Tally to rape me in exchange for Tally’s drug connections, which was the First Sergeant. They drugged me with something at the club and we walked back as it took effect. As I laid in my bunk powerless and unable to defend myself Ronald Washington raped me as paybacks for Tally.

The next morning when I woke up I thought it was a bad dream. But I went to the restroom and his semen came out of my rectum when I used the bathroom, because I had a stomach ache. I realized it really happened. I attacked him, but I was weak at the time and it was broken up. I went to the infirmary, they took a sample from my rectum and that was the end of it. No article 15 or court martial and I was told if I try to harm him. I would receive disciplinary action. And the mistreatment continued by my Platoon Sergeant. But I had one mission on my mind and that was “to get a honorable discharge.” And I did! But something happened the night before I left Germany. Three men from my unit were killed, I was in a covert unit and was accused of destroying it. And the DOD never forgave me for this. I found out what happened to me month later, by I think his name was McDonald, we called him Mac. He told me just before he ETS to go home.

I again reenlisted after I went home for about 5 months and was sent back to Fort Polk, but to our rivalry unit. Instead of going to the 1 of the 10th Field Artillery, I went to the 3rd of the 19th Field Artillery. They did not receive me well, I was mistreated again, but I did not have it in me anymore. I married a stranger, because I vowed to myself this time, “if I ever get raped again I would kill the person who did it.” Not knowing I might have killed the others who violated me. I did not want to live in the barracks, because their seemed to be too many closet homosexuals in the Army. This is something I learn about combat arms, a lot of guys screw their buddies. There were a lot of homosexuals in the military back then and probably still are even before “don’t ask don’t tell.” I got kicked out on a BCD special, after I went AWOL. I just could not handle the pressure anymore. This was 1987, I first joined in 1976.

In 1991, I was arrested at the White House for threatening then President George H.W. Bush. I believe because of my covert status, I was not charged. One month later I was arrested again in California and then convicted for sending threatening communications through the mail. I was convicted on one count of a four count indictment for threatening then Janet Jackson‘s live-in boyfriend Rene Elizondo. I thought she was my wife. I am now diagnosed as being schizophrenic and bipolar, with grandiose delusions.

Today nobody believes anything I say, about my stays in Germany, my tours in the Army and about my covert status while serving in the military, because I am “delusional.” Since I was 32 years old, I could never find a job worth a damn, even after finishing college. I am not very educated, but I do have two A.A.S Degrees, finishing on the top of my class both times. That is what the Army did for me. They used my and then spit me out and throw me away.

Frank Paul Jones

Paul was Bamboozled into Killing Many

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Paul was Bamboozled into Killing Many


I have to confess to a few things, due to my change of heart and reasoning.  First of all, I realize I was bamboozled.  I still do not totally understand why. I believe deep in my heart I was put under hypnosis by John J. Gotti. I was made to believe I was the son of Carlo Gambino, which I now doubt.  I was given the name Paul Castellano by the Gambino Crime family and I ran with it.


Janet Jackson played an intricate roll in the puzzling plot, to use my talents and gifts for the wrong reasons.  I believe I was born with an extraordinary gift.  Things I still remember about my childhood, about myself tells me this.  For one I had a photographic memory.  I could see things like a car passing by and not remember the license plate number but could close my eyes and see it.  As a kid I could move objects on the kitchen table without touching them.  Under hypnosis I was able to talk in several languages.  I remember friends telling me I had a conversation with foreigners in their tongue.  I remember these things.


I remember playing the bass guitar on the Jackson’s Destiny album and they could not duplicate what I did on tour.  I remember meeting with Janet Jackson on 5 July1989 at the RiverPark in Long IslandCity, Queens New York.  I was told she was my wife and came to get me.  I was afraid for some reason, anyway they did not send me with her, but instead she did her Rhythm Nation 1814 album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and I was sent back to a homeless shelter, called BAVR for Borden Avenue Veterans Shelter.  I was told that half of that estate was mines, for the work I had done.  I believed it and thought it would be honored by the Jackson Family.


I went to California after going to WashingtonD.C., where I was arrested for threatening then President George H.W. Bush.  They took me into the White House and interviewed me, they told me President Bush was listening in.  I told them what John  J. Gotti instructed me to tell them, which was he had to do 10 years in prison, because kids had to know that crime doesn’t pay.  I told them that, but I revealed a secret to them, that I learned when I met Jesse Jackson in Germany.  I am going to reveal this now, because I kept this a secret long enough and furthermore as I thought of him as a friend he tried to have me killed.  I told them that Jesse Jackson killed Martin Luther King as point blank range and that was why he covered himself in his blood to cover it up.  But they already knew this, they was in on it.


When I was in Germany and meet with Jesse Jackson, I was afraid he was going to hurt me, because I was raped in Germany.  He was in a red robe when I entered his hotel room and he thought I was a homo, but I was raped because of John J. Gotti, to make me hate the Army and get out.  Jesse Jackson looked afraid as he looked over my shoulders and told me not to look back (behind me), but I look anyway and I saw my Lieutenant Colonel  and Command Sergeant Major behind me, but I said it was John J. Gotti and my father Frank C. Jones, one black and one white, but it was them.  Jesse Jackson did not know I knew he tried to turn me in to the soldiers, just as he assassinated Martin Luther King, so that he could be the head nigger in charge.


My folly was that I really thought I was the son of Carlo Gambino and was not just being used, because I had a talent or gift beyond the high performing  person.  I do not think John  J. Gotti is dead unless he died recently.  They faked his death, to allow him to get out of prison.  About a month or two before he allegedly died, I gave him power of attorney over all of my affairs, making my uncle the successor agent, because I knew they would have killed him had I did it the other way around.  My second error was I trusted another man in John  J. Gotti, whereby only a fool will puts his trust in another man.


Now about Michael Jackson, I did not think he died, I thought they faked his death also, so he could get out of the scene and no pay me.  So I was very insensitive and talked badly about him.  I called him a junkie rightly so, but I was insensitive towards his family who did play me like a chump.


Now I realize I throw my life away over a pipe dream.  I mean Janet was not worth all I was put through.  I took a fall with the Feds and went to prison to protect her, killed countless people for the sake of my love for her and stayed poor all of my life for the sake of them and the Gambino Crime family.  Because of my foolish belief in my being Carlo Gambino’s son, nobody believed anything I said.


I screwed up my life for nothing. I screwed up my life for a world I care less about.  My life cannot be returned to me, I forfeited it.  I will probably get another chance to do my thing, but it will not change the past.  Sure DNA technology will probably extend lives, beyond our wildest dreams, but nothing will change what I went through all these years.  It is like I am living for revenge.  My story is really a sad story, of how the illusion of love fooled me into destroying millions of lives.  I killed many in the name of love and that is insane.  Can I ever forgive myself?  I do not know for sure.  Will the world ever forgive me?  Probably not!  But that really doesn’t matter anymore.