Rev. Jones & the NCNCHINC the Avon Park Community’s Springboard

Rev. Jones & the NCNCHINC the Avon Park Community’s Springboard


What started out as a project to startup one non profit organization called the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC has become a community project says David Noel Certified Business Annalist from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) who is funded by the SBA.  While the NCNCHINC remains the catalyst of the structuring movement, it has become all inclusive.   

Rev. Frank Paul Jones the President of the NCNCHINC who is the facilitator in this movement for change says if everyone who needs help in this business district is not included in the development plan, we at the NCNCHINC in actuality really gains very little, it is about community growth.  David Noel of the SBDC plans to come to this development district as a result of an invitation from Rev. Jones   to survey the area to get a better idea of what can be done to revive the businesses in the area.  The time and place of the meeting is tentative as it is being organized by officers of the NCNCHINC.


As so much is about to happen in the Avon Park area, which will result in higher real estate values for property owners.  As new roads are on the calendar and are planned to be paved in the area, benches. parks and new affordable housing projects are already funded and about to go into effect in Avon Park.  Now with “Operation Revive Black Businesses,” actually in effect we at the NCNCHINC see light at the end of the tunnel and hopes for a better community.


Rev. Jones a strong critic of the black churches in the community says he loves them, as he loves all people, but sometimes it is a tough love.  Knowing when to pick a battle is so important, as Rev. Jones admits to sometimes being outspoken, by saying inappropriate things at times.  “I know I am not a very good orator, nor was the most significant teacher of the gentiles,” says Rev. Jones, “however I write with an iron hand and it sometimes gets me in trouble with the establishment and the community at large.” “However people should know I am a stand up guy and often very selfless in my actions and Operation Revive Black Businesses is proof of that.”


However Rev. Jones proclaiming himself as the Apostle Paul in the new millennium, says “all my life was basically a living hell, as I am a slave to black folk causes and so unappreciated.”  Once asked “but what have you ever done for the black community?”  And his sincere response was “I suffered almost all of my life.” When redundantly asked the same question he responded, “What more has a man to give?”  “I could have had wealth in abundance but I chose to walk the path of the oppressed, underserved, the sick and suffering only to ask myself today, why I suffered for such ungrateful ignorant fools.”  As he walk away he said, “That is what I mean by tough love.”

The Southern Black Churches Still Dance to a White Jesus

The Southern Black Churches Still Dance to a White Jesus


The black church of the South, still dances to the bogymen; as they fear this imaginary monster they identify as God.  I visited a couple of churches and found the same scenario, in that they worship a white Jesus, until this day.   I looked around me and could not find a white face in the congregation, yet on the big scene more noticeable than the preacher man stood an image of a white Jesus in the background while scriptures from the KJV of the bible was displayed before the congregation to read.


I was astonished as the preacher man in his 70’s put on a song and dance show, speaking in codes to his fellowship.  As he danced and performed during his sermon, I could not help but to notice the image of a white Jesus.  So I asked a woman did she notice this also and she replied, “What did you expect?”  Then I realized it was not an abnormality, but is customary in the South to worship the white Jesus image.


This made me reflect on an earlier conversation with black men in the South.  They consider it an act of blasphemy to as much as question the authority of the Bible.  And they believe Jesus is white and they are inferior to the white man.  These people are conscience of their dark skin pigmentation which is a form of self hatred.  Often they think light is right.  When in reality often their dark pigmentation is a result of the hot climate they must endure.  So to them even a Northern black man is better than a Southern black man, simply because of his lighter pigmentation.  So I guess I will lose a few points as I dig in down here on my mission.


Let me tell you about the backwards Southern Negro, not all just the backwards ones.  One fool told me before he speaks against God, now we understand his god is a white god image, he would smoke crack.  Another fool said, I am not saved but I do not play with god.  Referring to questioning the authority of the bible, he said the bible is god.


I have never experienced such a backwards community in all of my adult life.  I said to a cousin I need to start dealing with church members because these people outside of the church are backwards.  Then I visit churches to find out they worship a white Jesus.  What makes this a devastating blow is that the people on the outside are as afraid of the white image Jesus as they worship the nonsense.


The issue is not about whether or not Jesus is or was Black, White or other.  Because those who know the truth are conscious of this and search for the truth as the truth evolves.  Because a fact today can be old news tomorrow; the traveler is on a constant search for knowledge.


All to say it is obvious, the South is still a segregated community.  Whereby you have the slave masters and slaves literally and mentally and the white Jesus symbol represents the man.  The man is the judicial system or legal system.  The pass is that if they believe in the white Jesus image and preach about a white god, they get a do not go to jail free pass.  And those black Negros with independent minds that think outside the box must be controlled and identified.  I have been identified and they have been exposed!

The New Religion Rational

The Son was raised in the Queensbridge HousesThe New Religion Rational


There is a serious void in the black community.  I have been in discussions with a few people selling the idea of the need for a new religion open to all races and ethnicities but meant to attract black people especially black men to once again take a leading role in the black community.


As I put it my motto is “if you do not believe in anything, than believe in me what do you have to lose?”  The need is based on the theory that 13 people got together and ganged up on 1 person 5 billion times.  Meaning 5 billion people can be controlled by 13 people if the 5 billion stand alone and the 13 stand together.  The fact of the matter is there is strength in numbers, but there has to be a defined leadership.  We define the leadership as the Son of Man Paul Castellano, the Son of Carlo Gambino and a descendent of Shaka Zulu.  Boss of Bosses and King of Kings is the Son Paul Castellano.


Let us face it, a religion is about putting someone over you, it is that simple.  And nobody is over Paul Castellano in Family of God and those who accept Paul Castellano who is the Apostle as the Son become adopted Sons and daughters of God.  The Mafia calls him the Godfather and the Roman Catholic Church the Pope; we address the Son of Man as God’s mediator to mankind.


Now where are we going with this?  It is about a congregation, that brings together black men and as we know so well most black men are convicted felons in this corrupt society and many or on parole and under the banner of religion they can congregate.  It is that simple and as long as we are law abiding as we enterprise it is all good.  So why should someone join?  To be able to congregate together and thereby support each other in our enterprising endeavors, because the salvation we are looking for is to end the oppression here on earth. 


As we all know the Nation of Islam is out of touch and the Final Call is a tabloid, you can look at this as the Biblical version of the Nation of God, joined together by his Son to bring back black power, half Sicilian and half African American and boss to both.  If you understand the mythology of Prince Hall, you will understand the mythology of King Paul Castellano born of the Master and Servant of Oppression to raise the black man out of oppression with the authority earned by him through the Gambino Family and by putting himself into oppression to raise above it himself, as he was a ransom.


If you have a problem with me, than you make this claim and see where it gets you.  If you cannot make this claim, than I am Boss and it is that simple.  We teach the only true religion is the religion that preaches religion of all about connections and the theology is often fake and a front to allow unification in congregation.  We will not let the lies keep us apart, so we preach Paul Castellano is the Son of God.

The truth is there is no truth; it is about picking sides!

Frank Paul GambinoThe truth is there is no truth; it is about picking sides!


In the name of Rev. Frank Paul Jones to become the Apostle upon religion’s establishment:


What is religion?  If it is not your creation it is third party bull crap.  A religion means you put someone over you.  A religion is a connection, because if you stand alone the groups will team up and gang up on you and kick your behind, in nicer terms.  A religion has a leader even if they claim that Christ dead for your sins it is not Christ but the leader of the religion that will be pulling your strings.


I say the only religion that is a true religion is a religion that teaches the fact that religion is bull.  They say religion is faith and religion is a belief code, I say my religion is for those who are not looking for salvation in a spiritual sense, in the idea that the Lord of never & never will accept you at the Heavenly gates.  I say Heaven and Hell is here on Earth and if you are tired of catching Hell at the hands of evil people, come together under the banner of the Apostle Paul (Me) whether you think it is bull or not bull, this show I will run.  So if you do not believe in anything, believe in me and be set free in unity.  What you got to lose, you are a sinner who do not believe in anything anyway, so believe in me and let us kick behind.


I say my religion is about legal enterprising among the forgotten people, the brothers returning from prison I say under my banner we can congregate.  Under the religious banner felons on parole can come together and do Godly things and it is for me to decide what Godly is because I am God!  And if you confess with your word that is bond that I am Lord you are accepted into the Family of God as adopted children of God.


I say the world ends when I die and you are to say the world ends when you die, because without you or me there is no world.  The Hell with the status quo Illuminati suckers; we must regain control of our communities and run our own turf.  But this time we do it in the name of God (Me) and not the evil one and do good things among ourselves. 


Caution:  This is not for the fearful, but for the brothers and sisters of courage.  Everything is in the works!


Who side is you on is the only question!


Rock Witchu Tour Ends & the Big Break

paulRock Witchu Tour Ends & the Big Break


I think we should not get caught up in false self fulfilling prophesies, I was briefly watching a program on television about the book of revelation and it talked about the end of times, which is horrifying drama whereby Satan and the Lord go at it for once and for all.  Do we have to really go there?


I have so many things I want to accomplish in the next few months that to some degree I feel overwhelmed, but as the old cliché goes do it one step at a time and just do it.  I did something that I hope falls through it would be a first step, but it might have to be one of the last steps, I will see what they say in 2 or 3 weeks.


Why save the bad news for last?


Rock Witchu Tour is officially terminated


The Rock Witchu Tour is officially terminated due to scheduling conflicts and other issues.

(Maybe the summer of 2010 will be better economic times)


So I am going to get a break in life soon?  You know we have been there before and I am now like the dude who prays after he eats, because too many times he was given a plate of food and before he could eat any of the food it was taken back away from him.


As for yelling from on top of the roof, these people are they really ready for the truth and if they knew and believed the truth that would they depict me as?  See Satan is a sly bitch, he has the world believing that when the Son arrives unless he (Satan) has an opportunity to do his evil deeds to the maximum, that the person the world believes is the Lord is actually Satan.  So is the world ready for the truth or must they experience their own self fulfilling prophesy and catch pure hell first?


You will enjoy life to the full over the coming 12 months. You will wring every last drop of pleasure from each and every passing moment. But don’t stop there. Help others to get more from their lives as well. Be a good example. Be someone they can follow.

If there is something you want to tell the world, something worth shouting about, Mercury in the communications area of your chart will encourage you to get vocal about it. Some may disagree but one day soon events will prove you right.


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Am I Serious because it is Real

dscn01441Am I Serious because it is Real

Time is not on my side so I will be straight to the point.  People are really dying from diseases that are curable and wars that can be avoided.  If I am too serious excuse me but we are playing with real peoples lives.  Yea Janet might be all acts then again I do not know for certain about anything anymore concerning her.  But like I said it is not all about her, but is about people in general and their choices.

Do I have the upper hand?  Is there something I need to discover?  I already know you have not the power over my life and death, but you do control the mindset of mankind through the media and other bullshit devices, only because we gave them the ability to choose for themselves, leaving them open for deception which is your greatest weapon of war to create fear and demand control, when in reality you are not that tough, but soft in fact.  Let us face it if you could kill me I would be dead, that is what the great suicide is all about, my surrendering my life to them out of love, to free them from your oppression.  The act is called the crucifixion, but if the father and son are one who will raise the son if he dies?  All lies, however I know better.  Now if T.D. Jakes wants to be raised from the dead I can make that happen!  

The problem is I will never commit suicide or let them kill me because I love them and want to free them from the consequences of their actions.  First of all such an act would be an act of insanity, secondly I do not even know if I love them enough to even forgive them anymore, I had no idea they were so stupid, making me even a bigger fool for taking on this mission

Mercury in your sign makes a beneficial aspect to genius planet Uranus on your birthday, so if you stretch your thinking above and beyond its usual levels you will discover something remarkable about the world, something that gives you the upper hand.

It’s not like you to be so competitive, to see every situation in terms of winning or losing, but that’s the direction you seem to be headed. It’s okay to be ambitious, of course, but don’t get so caught up in the game that you start taking it too seriously.


My Bed should have been made – Been Played

imag0195My Bed should have been made – Been Played


Let us face it, my only problem preventing me from having a life, with loved ones like Janet Jackson is my finances and I played several angles to correct that but nothing I do is good enough.  There is a conspiracy to hold me down out of fear.  They say if he can do what he is doing without much of anything imagine what he could do if we paid him, so you put me under a glass ceiling so tight I cannot stand on my toes without bumping my head.


Now I know everything Janet had came through me and she choose to take care of several men to include Rene Elizondo with that money and watch me suffer, for that I will forgive but will never forget.  I will never set business aside for her busy as I may be in the future I know there is no me and her without my business accomplishments, because she could have help me get out of this hole, just by name association, but she chose not to, whereby she supported other men, with money I sent her way.   “I am Jermaine Dupri long term girlfriend.” She claims putting him on the map.


I once said this will all be like a faded dream and I will forget it all like if it was just one day, with a whole future in front of me, but how can I; when the people I loved the most mistreated me the most. 


They say are you ashamed of us (Black People) why you claim Sicilian heritage?  Because I am half Sicilian!  Hello!  But let us supposed I was not, what they are really saying is let go of your protection and come side with us totally and for what?  To be turned over to them for them to hang me on a tree?  They do not love me, they love for me to be dead, that is all they preach, death to the son so we can have our own thing.  The son does not have to die for them to have their own thing, they can simply be forsaken and left to their super preachers if that is what they want so be it.  Then and only then will they really know what they are without me.  I am very disappointed, like my friend told me “You have the Universe on your side?”  I said yes but the problem is mankind is against me!


I do not want anyone to have to take care of me, for what I gave I gave freely. But those in darkness did not receive me.  They disappointed me and so did you for allowing this to happen on you watch, I never allowed you to go so low in society. You disappointed me.  Some kind of partner you turned out to be!


Forget about everything that has gone before and focus entirely on what is still to come in your life. Whatever you age and current position you can, and you will, make a splash socially and professionally over the next 12 months, and well beyond.

If you are minded to take some kind of risk or gamble today it might pay off. But there are no guarantees, so sort through the available facts and figures and use your intelligence and intuition to work out the odds. After that, it’s down to luck.

These unnecessary Threats

td-jakes1These unnecessary Threats


First of all, Janet gets on my nerves and I say things I do not mean, by doing so I do not internalize.  I am not ashamed by what I say because I know the rules to the game; I can say anything as long as I do not act on it.  And even if I acted on my immoral ideas I do not care what people think of me anymore, which leads to this letter.


A lot of preachers have too much confidence; they teach crucifixion like they plan to kill someone.  Maybe a few of these false preachers need to be persecuted, to send out a message that you get what you wish upon others.  How would these false preachers feel if I preached they were crucified so that the Lord could be put in his rightful place here on earth?  As long as they confuse the masses people will never see the truth.  Maybe we need to line up a bunch of false preachers like on the Valentines Day massacre and rid the world of these blasphemous scumbags.


It is like I need to make another draft of the Apostle and kill off a few people, as they have taken the happy out of the happy ending.  That said; what I see in the future is death to those who want the son dead.  It is one thing to not approve and another to threaten a person; two can play the same game.  That good-for-nothing T.D. Jakes can go to hell, he thinks he can threaten people and go untouched but he is reachable like the rest of them.  Those who think I am weak will have a rude awakening when they least expect it.


To be honest I am sick of people in general, I tell them the truth of the matter and they say how can you say such a thing about Janet Jackson, then I say the hell with it all and I am made out to be a villain I cannot win for losing, I have become too nice of a guy as people seem to be comfortable plotting against me. I see a lot of popular people dying in the future, to the advantage of nobody, but it seems to be a must.


The screenplay “Country Yorker” is at the end of Act #1, well almost, the challenge is writing act #2 and act #3, that is where the thought process will take place.  If I explain why I might give away the script, because I would have to explain what has to be done.  But I will send them act #1 as soon as it is completed, which could be the creation of a sitcom, along with the creation of the characters which was already done.


You want to do great things in the world, and you will, but for best results you need to be aware right from the start that no matter how great and how good your ambitions may be not everyone will approve. Be aware of it, but don’t let it stop you.

There may be a lot of confusion in the world at the moment but where there is confusion there is also opportunity. You possess an almost supernatural ability to see what is coming well ahead of everyone else. Use that today and make confusion work for you.


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