The Veteran Affairs Federal Policy and Drug War on Blacks

Drug Dealers

VeteransThe Veteran Affairs Federal Policy and Drug War on Blacks

The federal government is moving slowly but surely to ending marijuana prohibition. There are many bills out there to address this issue, from allowing States to decide their own marijuana policies to an all out end to prohibition at federal level. Already the FEDS have decided unofficially to not enforce the laws on the books, by allowing States to have medical marijuana polices to even allowing States like Colorado and Washington to allow recreational marijuana sales. But the FEDS still haven’t gotten a bill passed the Senate to make this a written law of the land.


This effects veterans and creates a healthcare dilemma.  While the VA is now allowing veterans to smoke marijuana in States that allow it and still get their pain medication. This is a new policy recently put on the books and the VA hospital is a Federal Medical System. So again the FEDS are coming closer to making a policy to end prohibition. However the VA policy falls short of allowing their doctors to write a marijuana prescription. Therefore, if a veteran cannot afford to see an outside doctor, he/she cannot be prescribed this medication, which is in a way is discrimination against poor patients. Because if the VA recognizes the medical benefits of marijuana, but only allows patients who can afford to get a prescription from outside doctors, it is really not fair to the many veterans who cannot afford to see a doctor on the outside.


I could somewhat understand if the VA decides not dispense the medication at this time due to federal laws, if they think they can give you something else that will give you similar benefits, but to not write a prescription is discrimination against poor patients.


Actually it is a hypocrisy within the federal government, because Donabinol is an FDA approved drug, which is allowed for cancer and AIDS patients.  Donabinol is THC in pill form which is an active ingredient in cannabis, it is what gets you high. But it is used to prevent vomiting, nausea and to increase the appetite of these patients. But it is clear that THC has many other benefits to users and for this reason the VA is allowing users to continue to get pain medication from their dispensary while using marijuana.


What I do not understand however is how can the federal government allows a medication such as Donabinol to be prescribed, which is THC, but regulate or limit who can use it based on a false hypostasis. The problem seems to stem from the lie that marijuana is a schedule one substance by the DEA, up there with heroin, whereby cocaine, methamphetamine and oxycodone (OxyContin) are schedule two drugs. Therefore Donabinol is a highly controlled medication and it uses are therefore highly controlled. But it is OK to give you codeine an opiate for the flu, vicodin an opiate for a tooth ache, oxycodone for daily pain, but marijuana is too dangerous to prescribe. Get real! Yet Donabinol is already FDA approved.


I realized it is just a matter of time before this is all resolved. And I think is also about time for the federal government to come clean about the whole drug war. Because they really have no strategy whatsoever to ending it. How can you bust the biggest drug dealer in the world and say nothing changes? It seems that the only people being effected by the fake drug war are poor blacks by the millions. On February 22nd when they busted Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and then said nothing is going to change, I was no longer proud to be an American. Because I realized they were always just lying to us about a war on drugs. It is just a war on black people to keep us repressed in the black community and to disenfranchise us.


I do not even think I can justly be against drugs or street dealers in my community anymore. Because the government has no intentions of ever stopping this drug epidemic. Without a strategy to ever stop it, the only real solution is to legalize all drugs and like Amsterdam address it as a health matter and not a crime. I really do not understand this fake war anymore. We are being told it is a crime to want to be sedated and for people to supply this demand. But never addressing why people want to feel high in the first place. Whereby 1% of the population controls half the wealth in this country, this land is filed with hopelessness.


The bible teaches you that alcohol and drug abuse will keep you poor. So with the disparity of wealth in this country, I do not understand the problem they have with people being drug addicts. Because they do not intend for us having anything anyway. I cannot in good conscience by against drugs anymore. Because to be against drugs is only being for black people going to prison.  That is the only intent of this fake drug war, it is war against black people.


Frank Paul Jones

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Cartel Kingpin Bust Proves Drug War is a Lie

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

Cartel Kingpin Bust Proves Drug War is a Lie

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was busted on February 22nd, 2014 in Mexico. But already many think it will have no effect on the drug trade in the United States, but he is said to be the head of a drug cartel that is responsible for about 25% of the illegal drugs in the United States.  It is estimated that the illegal drug trade was worth about $321 Billion in 2003 alone.  So multiply that by 10 and you have over $3 trillion over the last 10 years. So he is said to be responsible for about $750 Billion over the last 10 years in illegal drugs in our country. Yet his bust will not effect the drug trade?  How can that be?

When America catch terrorist they interrogate them, yet many of them are part of a matrix and know very little about the whole aspect of terror. But now we catch this big time drug dealer, but want to treat him like a common criminal and prosecute him under the courts of civilian law, yet we tell America we are in a war against drugs. How can this be?  If America would have caught Adolf Hitler during WWII, could they have told us, the German war machine will function as normal?  Of course not!  Why?   Because Adolf Hitler, would have been handled as a leader of a nation and an enemy of our country and not as a common criminal.  He would have been interrogated and negotiated with, to bring the war to an end.  But this is not the intent of this fake war on drugs.

This makes me think that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is mere figurehead and not a real head of anything.  Because if he was the head of this drug trafficking machine, he would have immediately been sent to the United States without the need of extradition as an enemy of the State to be put under hypnosis and put on truth serum to find out everything he knows.

He would not be handled by our incompetent FBI or DEA, but would be put under the custody of the CIA for a full interrogation.  He would not be sentenced to prison, but would be put in a holding facility until the war has ended, because he would be considered a leader of an enemy State.  But they seem to be planning to put on a show for the media to print and the people to buy and plan to try him in federal court as a common criminal to be sent to the penitentiary Springfield Missouri. And to prove what, that crime doesn’t pay?  Yet changing nothing, but the name of the CEO of the cartel family.

Meanwhile we know heroin is being place in safe houses across  the United States for the future distribution of Afghanistan dope . But we will not even try to find out where these drug safe houses are.  Hell they (the cartels) will even be allowed to continue to meet as usual in Mexico, because nothing has changed but the name of the figurehead leader.

For example we will not even try to find out where all of these billions of dollars are going and how it is being laundered. Why? Because the American government is behind the drug trade and I believe these 1% rich folks here in America are getting richer from the drug trade out of Mexico and not the cartels.  And for this reason they will either kill him or send him to prison like he is just a common criminal and not even interrogate him with hypnosis and truth serum.

If nothing is going to change by this bust, what is the purpose of the drug war?  If catching the head of the biggest cartel will not make a dent in the drug trade, why bother to bust anyone? Why not just legalize this stuff and get it over with?  I do not believe he is the head but is a figurehead and the real enemy of the State is from within, otherwise everything he knows would become known, from the safe houses to the money laundering schemes. Everything would become known, because they would handle him with more care than a terrorist network leader, who gets interrogated in Cuba everyday.  This drug war is a lie and the media is part of the cover up. He cannot know what he is said to know based on his position of authority and not be in the hands of American intelligence already as a matter of national security. The drug war is a joke on black people and its intent isn’t to stop drugs but to incarcerate black people and disenfranchise us.

Frank Paul Jones



Contacts California Weed Connections

Contacts California Weed Connections

 The Song “The Consumer” By: Stackz Gotti

On Tuesday 2 November 2010, elections day in California they vote on Proposition 19.  Whatever the case for political analysts they will legalize Marijuana and help change and save the world on President Obama’s term in office.


I need to know how much the staff sells for; it should be plentiful all over the country.  You figure Crips and Bloods will transport all over the Nation to help save the California economy.    Florida just legalized same sex adoptions and is becoming more liberal.  With a new influx of Puerto Ricans educated at the age of about 24 to 45 at a number of 700,000 and counting, elections will have a New York City influence.  Weed will be legal in Florida in less than 2 years by special elections.


I want to go into the marijuana business and have a Federal Felony conviction.  My concern is we who fought to legalize weed by selling it even when it was illegal, not me but you know, will be excluded from the legal marijuana trade.


Crips and Bloods will profit on the short run by trafficking weed nationwide out of LA.  This will be ignored in California law enforcement making it possible to conceal it before getting on the road with weed.  For example people in fruit and other trucking related industries will move large packages of weed out of California by nature of the legalized drug itself.


My concern is that Pall Mall and Newport’s will conquer the longevity of the trade unless we grow our own weed in marijuana plantations legally.  People like Ice T and Snoop Dogg must purchase land to plant weed in the future, or do it now legally or the law is oppressive to the black man’s long term adjustment to the legalization.


That said tell me about the marijuana industry.



The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


The Apostle on Digital Download


A Gambino Production

The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne

The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne


The Attorney General Eric Holder


I have not heard from Bro. Dwayne Carter, I gave some good advice to the brother and there is more where that came from, but not for Internet posting.  I see Bro. Farrakhan, Bro. Jackson and Bro. Sharpton wants to reach out to the young brother.  I see other people care about the young man.


John Jr. is showing an interest but what can we do for the brother realistically.  We can lobby at the White House, and the Mayor and Governor of New York Offices.  All these three leaders are honorable men of men and the Governor of New York Paterson may well be a lame duck.  I want two clemencies for my Nephew Dahoud Smith and a consideration of Dwayne running concurrent sentences with the Federal Court.


I see the severity of his crimes and understand that we do not snitch, but we do have fall guys, as John Gotti took the fall for us, we live large and went to prison.  But did he really die?  Or did he go through the back door?  Back to the point! We cannot ignore these guns and drugs I mean it was ridiculous. 


He can do 5 years at Butner North Carolina and get 15% time off and run the sentences concurrent and get out in about 4 years, with state good time also.  I might be able to figure out a better solution in the future, however this is what is now@!

The Marijuana Dilemma

The Marijuana Dilemma


The use of marijuana has been legalized in 14 states, though the Federal Government has not legalized marijuana they seem to be recognizing the state rights.  The question of law is that legal?  For example say a person gets a Federal conviction but clemency from his state of domicile, can he have a handgun in that state?  NO.  The Federal Laws supercedes the state level.  Therefore in reality marijuana laws a practiced in several states and there is a movement for change but it is not the case as of yet.  Medical



1. Marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol.

It is a scientific fact that Marijuana is less addictive most addictive products.  It is very popular in America can be domestically grown, taxed and controlled.  We should legalize Marijuana but the pharmaceutical companies knows it would make a lot of medication obsolete.

 In the United States over 2.3 million people are in jail on marijuana charge at approximately $25,000 per head at a booming cost of about $65B annual costs to the tax payers

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FindCure-CureAIDS Anthem & Health Reform

FindCure-CureAIDS Anthem & Health Reform


It is a simple song with very powerful messages performed by an Icon in her own rite.  FindCure-CureAIDS performed by NaQuila L. Hardy a song that demands the strength of hope to remain in the hearts of the world people concerning the AIDS virus HIV.  FindCure-CureAIDS-Hyperlink


We are calling on the non profit sector to end the defeatist mentality and stop the extortion and just make it happen.  We call on artists like P. Diddy, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, R Kelly and the list continues to take up this cause.


The song is a giveaway as a donation to the world for open use to promote the release of the cure of AIDS that many people think has been cured years ago (1989) as we are being held hostage by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies whose only concern is to control the lifespan of mankind at a profit and not to save lives.


Let us face it the last diseased cured in a major way was polio in the 1950’s which was over a half of a century ago.  The strategy which is unethical is to treat diseases rather than cure them.  Not one disease discovered since before 1960 has been cured.


Then there is healthcare reform which is a hot topic, which really poses the question is the Government really who they say they are or do the pharmaceutical companies rule the world?  I mean are the pharmaceutical companies run by Illuminati Headquarters?  Is it there goal to kill us off as a means of population control?


People have all but surrendered to the idea that AIDS is a genuine disease when I know for a fact it was and is a biological weapon sponsored by then NATO Forces and was produced in Germany in a laboratory in the 1970’s and the first known case was in 1981.


We live in a world of hopelessness and despair, the economy of failing Americas and the world as hard times are everywhere as millions of people are dying senselessly and being treated for simple diseases perpetually with no end in sight.


In a world where the good guys are really bad and the so called bad guys are for the good of mankind, the Gambino Family says “wakeup everybody.”  We call on a movement to force the hand of the pharmaceutical industry and force the government to be honest and address the fact that we have not cure one disease since polio, but have treatments for everything made unaffordable to too many Americans.


The Conspiracy in a nutshell a historical fact:


Old Money = Illuminati = the New World Order New Money = Mafia and Associates


1: AIDS a biological weapon developed in 1976. 2: Banking Deregulation Act of 1980 created the S&L Scandal Passed by Reagan 3: Saving and Loans Crisis from about 1986-1991 – Money leaves the system old money loses, new money gains. 4: The Savings and Loans Bailout 1989 passed by Bush Sr. – Tax payers bail out the old money. 5: The Technology Bubble 1995-99-2000 –New money makes a killing. 6: The Technology Bubble Burst 2000-03 – Old money gets into the game late and new money pulls money out of the system. 7: Enormous Government Debt grows to present – self explanatory. 8: Rescue Bill 2008-09 – New money comes back into the system and is taxed, by the government and buys old money bad investments. 9: Economy recovers as new money pumps money back into the system and old money is stabilized. 10: Inventor to the cure to AIDS becomes one of the riches men in the world. The Son of Man settles with the new money and leaves them.


Lil Wayne’s Federal and State convictions could Run Concurrent

Lil Wayne’s Federal and State convictions could Run Concurrent


I think Lil Wayne really needs to get an OJ Simpson type legal team, because he is really fighting for his life.  Another day of freedom is not guaranteed to Lil Wayne.  They can forever come up with new charges.


He is said to have had a lawyer attempt to postpone the Federal case in Arizona.  Is that really a wise legal maneuver?  There is a term called concurrent sentencing and what happened in New York City can be rectified in sentencing him to serve his sentences concurrently. 


A concurrent sentence is a cumulative sentence when two convictions are served in prison at one time, basically in one place.  A Federal and State Conviction can be served together even if the convictions took place in different times.


It would seem that if Lil Wayne is to be the fall guy for the Cash Money and Young Money entourage he should go after the best deal and accommodations.  The case in Arizona was a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) bust and therefore Federal.  Federal prison terms are usually longer than state conviction sentencing, but the accommodations are more advantageous for a man in the entertainment business at celebrity status.


If Lil Wayne gets convicted by the FEDS and goes to court ASAP or immediately, the state of New York has the responsibility to see to it that he makes his appointments required by law and a Federal case requires his attendance. 


Meanwhile the FEDS want to increase the bail to the $150G area, when he is being held and is incarcerated in the state of New York.  I have to watch this one, because a blessing in disguise would be for the FEDS to remove him from Rikers Island and send him to MCC-Detention Center in Manhattan a Federal holding facility.  Then a wise move would be to have his case moved from Arizona to New York City because it is now his domicile.  Then he just might get a concurrent sentence, with excellent legal representation.


What is the sentencing guidelines for a two time loser in the Federal System for the crime he allegedly committed is at question, however regardless the Federal Court System is not limited to Arizona can the case can be moved and should be moved to New York City.


Steve Harvey the comedian, author, actor and radio personality is said to be a adviser of Lil Wayne.  Well this is advise to be considered seriously with a legal team and can be the basis of his choice for legal representation. 


Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne

Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne


Frank Paul Gambino sends a letter of support to Lil Wayne who is in Rikers Island and writes President Obama in support of Lil Wayne.  Gambino feels Lil Wayne has been misrepresented in the courts and was railroaded by the system.


Lil Wayne was convicted for gun possession and other charges in New York City and has another case opened in the state Arizona.  Lil Wayne is being tried in two courts basically for the same behavior and business arrangement.


Why the guns were automatically considered Lil Wayne’s because the bus was in his name is beyond me.  He is victim of terrible management, because for the protection of that multi-million entourage there should have been at least two licensed protection specialist, preferably with military and/or law enforcement experience.


In any case they acted street but not street smart and got caught up in the system.  I think he should be in Federal Court even if he pleads to the fact that the crimes did not originate in the states accusing him of the crimes.  This is a case of Federal Weapons violations being they crossed state lines.  He should have done one sentence in one prison for what took place.  Also NaQuila sends her regards to an old friend Lil Wayne and plans to go up to the Big Apple to visit him this summer, as she and Gambino attempt to promote the current music studio project in the City.


To be honest the whole thing is senseless, it cost $25G per year to maintain an inmate in an American prison on average and New York City has to be above the average.  Lil Wayne should be doing community service to bounce back the economy and the failing music industry.  In any case they cannot just railroad this young man.  Birdman should be ashamed of himself!

Lil Wayne Donates $60G to good cause

Lil Wayne Donates $60G to good cause


It is not just what you know but who you know.  NaQuila a former member of the cash money entourage now under the Gambino Umbrella is in secret confidential conversations with Lil Wayne.


Lil Wayne promise NaQuila if he ever got where he is his door is open to helping a friend or a cause.  NaQuila who is singer, dancer and songwriter is also the Executive Assistant of the CEO/President of the National Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.


We plan to use the bottom floor as a elderly center and serve meals between 12 pm and 4 pm and affordable prices.  30% of the profits will go to the organization for expenses.   We plan to setup the wonderful gift from Lil Wayne on the second floor; we want a light weight studio and a booth that is not too heavy which will be use with a reflection filter.


We plan to put Lil Wayne in our gold book for out most committed donors. 



Frank Paul Gambino Productions


PS: Good Bless Lil Wayne